Friday, May 14, 2010

It's a BLOG PARTY!!!

Earlier this week, Pepper, Sherrinda, Mary, Casey and I all talked about the Genesis contest. Four of the five of us entered, and we thought it'd be fun to have a blog party to celebrate the finalists, with our fingers crossed that one of us would be on the list.

But, we'd also pre-agreed that we would celebrate regardless. Because we firmly believe that everyone is a winner. Oh, I know that sounds like something a hokey T-ball coach might say to a five-year-old little girl who can't hit a ball to save her life and spends way too much time playing in the dirt.

But in this case, it's true.

It takes a lot of guts to put your work out there in a contest. There's a good chance you won't final, and many people shy away from the thought of "losing" a contest.

As you might have guessed, none of us finaled. But ya know what? We tried. You will NEVER win if you don't try. That goes not only for contests, but for submitting to agents and editors as well. Heck, just writing in general. If you never took the leap and invested the time to write your first book, then what chance to you have to excel as a writer? Yep, you guessed it. Zero, zilch, nadda!

Today, we give a HUGE HURRAY!!! to those who finaled. You deserved it and our hats are tipped to you. I have a large pan of brownies with your names on it!

We also give a big pat on the back to all those who entered but didn't final. You are brave and courageous! Entering was a huge step, and not finaling is just one step on the road to publication. I have some cupcakes with pretend little pencils on top with sprinkles! Chocolate of course... with cream cheese icing (my favorite!)

By next Friday, many non-winners will have received their scores and feedback, still others will be waiting anxiously. Join us here to discuss a little bit on how to digest and use the feedback to get the most out of it.

But today...

How are YOU helping us "celebrate" virtually? Remember, this is on the web. As long as it's wholesome, there are no limits!

In fact, I think we should take this party outside... a cooler of Pepsi (caffeine free for me) and goodies are on the patio table. The pool is ready, and the music is tuned up! Conga line anyone?

**Finalist List**

Cindy Hays
Lynnette P. Horner
Chris Kraft
Mark Lundgren
Christina S. Nelson

Jeannie Campbell
Sarah Forgrave
Janice LaQuiere
Rebecca Syme
Linda Yezak

Laurie Benton
Brenda Jackson
Robert Kaku
Lisa Karon Richardson
Katie-Marie Stout

Susanne Dietze
Anne Greene
Pam Hillman
Lisa Karon Richardson
Ruth Trippy

Rich Bullock
Barbara Early (double finalist with two entries)
Lynda Schab
Chawna Schroeder

Valerie Goree
Mindy Obenhaus
Leslie Pfeil
Dianna Shuford
Teri Dawn Smith
Terri Weldon

Ben Erlichman
Suzanne Krein
Shelley Ledfors
Andra Marquardt
Holly Smit

Lisa Buffaloe
Jennifer Fromke
Terri Haynes
Fay Lamb
Christina S. Nelson
Melissa Tagg
Michelle Ule

Angela Bell
Lin Harris
Kasey Heinly
LoraLee Kodzo
Stefanie Morris


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Woohooo! I absolutely LOVE parties! I'm bringing Dr. Pepper...not a Pepsi fan, and lot's of eggs filled with CONFETTI!!!! I love confetti!!!!!! And I love throwing things at people.;)

Congratulations to all the finalists! I'm so excited for you all! I'm not really disappointed in not finaling, as it was my first story and to be honest, I had no business entering the contest. I had no illusions about finaling. I just wanted to see how I fared in the comments and crits.

I probably should have waited to submit anything. I need more MS's under my belt before I can expect any success. Someday though.... ;)

rbooth43 said...

Sounds like a great party. Root Beer for me, and Water balloons!!! I love getting people wet.;)
Congrads to the winners! But as far as I am concerned you are all winners in the Writer's Alley.

Pepper said...

I love Dr. Pepper too!
Go figure, right? ;-)
And rbooth - you are Awesome! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm all for the water balloons.
Bring on the party!!

Krista Phillips said...

OHHH! Water Balloons! LOVE IT!

Dr. Pepper is okay, not sure they make caffeine free though, ha! *points to prego belly*

Root Beer is good, but not without ICE CREAM! We need us some rootbeer floats in here!

Sherrinda, I think it is a FINE time to enter. I entered last year and while I crossed my fingers that I'd finaled, really it was just to see kinda were I was at and how far I had to come. It's really not a lot of money to spend to get 3 different critiques, and then enter next year after you've edited, and you'll get to see if you've "improved"! That's what I'm hoping for today. If I went backwards, uck!

Casey said...

Woo-hoo! I brought the salads, fruit and potato! Oh, but don't get me wet, it's not yet 40 degrees here this morning. :)

I agree with Sherrinda about entering and also Krista (love your post! Such an encouragement) My manuscript was not publisher ready and though that isn't a guarentee, there is that chance and I was worried anyway about what I would do.

But Krista what you said is absolutely right. You can't learn if you don't try. And before I entered this my writing coach told me that no matter what, my first 15 pages had made her long for more and I KNOW she wouldn't say that unless she meant it. So no matter what, I will not let these contest comments beat me down, I will learn and move on.

Okay, understand that was a pep talk for ME not for you. :) Sometimes ya just got to hear it. :)


Casey said...

Oh, got the vanilla ice cream too. But no root bear floats, ick. ;)

Casey said...

That's BEER not BEAR! Ha.

Krista Phillips said...

Casey's bring BEER??? What?? I guess I should mention that this is a non-alcoholic party... LOL

Pepper said...

AND the fact that the ONE underaged person is bringing the beer!! What's wrong with that?!?

Casey said...

Now, hold on here. I was talking ROOT Beer and spelled the word wrong. Oh boy... I'm going to go hide now....

Christina Suzann Nelson said...

I'm heading to a coffee shop to do quick rewrites, and CELEBRATE. I'll be having a hot cup of tea. Hopefully I wont start jumping up and down again while I'm there.

Christina Suzann Nelson said...

Congratulation to everyone that entered!

Krista Phillips said...

Christina, go ahead and jump. You deserve it! Although, you might want to put down the hot tea first!! *grin*

Mary Vee Writer said...

Let's do ice tea, Christina. I'm on board. I'll be the partee radical--I'll bring a healthy vege tray with dip :)

Krista, What a festive post! You've pumped us up, started the wild music, let's dance--celebrate all Genesis participants.

Thanks to your encouragement, Krista,--maybe I'll take the plunge and enter next year.


Keli Gwyn said...

I'm chowing down on Casey's potato salad and helped myself to Mary's iced tea and some of her veggies. Yum!

I don't hear music, ladies. What's a party without some tunes? I'd offer my seventies music, but it might not do as much for others as it does for me--proud member of Anderson High School class of '77, I'll have ya know. So, who's got an iPod loaded with great music to share?

I love the fact that you're celebrating. Finaling is out of our control. Entering is totally up to us. And four of you did it. That's a BIG step and one worthy of a celebration.

Casey said...

I don't have an iPod, but do have an MP3 player with over 600 songs- we'll turn it up LOUD! :) Go, go, go Christina- win it all!! We are cheerinig for you!!!!

Pepper said...

Stopping by to drop off some icecream, chocolate syrup, bananas, cherries, and pecans/walnuts (your choice)

It should go great with that BEAR.

Pepper said...

Thanks so much for that encouragement, along with Krista's words. It's a big deal just to enter and put your words 'out there' for other eyes to see.
And then allow those people to actually...gasp...critique your work! AHHHHH!!!!!

Lots to learn, though. :-)
The potato salad is great, btw.

Casey said...

Mmm, glad you think so. I once made two mamouth bowls of potato salad for my cousin's wedding. Yummy, my favorite summer food.

Okay where are those water ballons, I am ready to hurl them as those Alley Cats. Enough with the BEAR! :D Besides it's over 70 degrees for like the first time in forever! I can now get wet!! :)

Krista Phillips said...

Casey, I just lugged a big ole balloon at you... hope it's cold enough for ya!!

THIS JUST IN! Guess what I rented???

Yep, it's gonna get dark in a few hours, and I rented... wait for it... a portable movie screen with projector! I figure what better way to end off a wonderful blog party with an outdoor movie.

Oh, and I have a popcorn maker too!

Casey said...

Oh, FUN, what movie?? And brr, I am plenty cold now. No more please. :) Now where is that ice cream....

Krista Phillips said...

I was hoping someone else would bring a good movie, ha!

Pepper said...

Leap Year?
Letters from Juliet?

Cara Putman said...

I see someone else is already bringing Dr Pepper so I'll bring some homemade ice cream. And big congrats on entering. That's a huge step!