Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Well, it's another week here at The Writers Alley and for most of us, school is finally OUT!! Yes, the crowds are going wild. Especially those crowds under the age of 18.
Though I've heard a few victory shouts from employees too (isn't that right, Sherrinda).

June is HERE, so let's see what's going on at The Writers Alley this week.

Monday - Need tips on creating websites and blogs? What else do you have to do over your summer break, right? Pepper takes the information she learned from author, Jim Rubart, and shares it with you.

Tuesday - Want to learn about the Anti-Hero? Sherrinda  will walk you through a crowd of anti-heroes from film and literature and hopefully we will find out why we love them so much!

Wednesday - What to do? What to do? You have loads of things planned for the summer, but you need to fit writing in there too! Mary posts about Juggling Writing and Summer for the perfect blend of real-life mixed with imaginary. Stop by and find out about it.

Thursday - So, what's one of the best parts of a story? The stand off, the climax, good versus evil in a battle to save all. Join Casey today as she discusses Creating Compelling Villain and Hero Final Moments.

Friday - Does 'place' really matter? Join Krista today as she discusses Spectacular Settings: Avoiding bare walls and three-sided houses.

Saturday - Edgy Christian fiction author, Michelle Sutton, stops in to define 'edgy' and explain why she loves writing books 'on the edge'.


June 19th – Things get a little suspenseful around here as Margaret Daley discusses the key elements of a gripping suspense novel.

June 26th – Welcome author Lena Nelson Dooley takes us on a journey through her publishing experience, up to her newest release JUST LAST MONTH – Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico

AND HOLD ON TO YOUR STETSON – Mary Connealy starts off July with a visit to The Writers Alley on July 3rd.


Starting this Monday on Mary's blog, God Loves Kids, the post will provide ideas for you and your family.
Monday: End of the School Year Tips.

Wednesday and Saturday: Who was this governor of Egypt, and how did he know the correct birth order of the Hebrew men? Why did he treat Benjamin special? Come read these exciting Bible stories.

Casey will be featuring author, Cathy Liggett, on her blog Operation Encourage an Author. Stop by for a chance to win Cathy's latest book, Beaded Hope.
For the month of June, Pepper will have a Blog Series called “Sizzling First Encounters” on her personal blog at

Some of your favorite authors will answer the question, “What do you think makes a great cute-meet between hero/heroine?”, then provide a scene from one of their books to prove it. Stop by – June 7th starts the series with Linda Windsor, Myra Johnson, and Deeanne Gist.


Keli Gwyn said...

Oooh! Many more great posts to look forward to. Yay!

Casey said...

Great weekend edition Pepper, you make us all sound so brilliant. :D

Pepper said...

Hi Keli,
It's great to be a part of such talented people.

Pepper said...

Thanks, Case.
Actually, you guys ARE pretty brilliant :-)

Casey said...

So are you!! ;)