Sunday, June 20, 2010

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Happy Weekend everybody! I thought we’d enjoy some scenes from the fairgrounds today. Carnivals and fairs are happening everywhere, you know. Rides, clowns, cotton candy. The smell, the sounds, the food – the stomachache afterward ;-)

Do you have any great memories from the carnival?

Mmm, roasted peanuts and funnel cakes. Love the smell.

Well, we may do a lot of clowning around here at The Writers Alley, but we do take our writing seriously – most of the time.

Here’s a look at our plans for next week.

Monday – Memorable characters have needs. Pepper takes some tips from DiAnn Mills course on writing romance to discuss the basic needs of a character and how you can use those to make your characters more three-dimensional.

Tuesday – What do you do when you aren't sure what you're looking for when editing? Sherrinda has been trying to figure that out and will share with you what she has come up far.

Wednesday – Mary encourages authors to Stay True to Your Message.

Thursday – Jill Eileen Smith joins us today to talk about Historical Accuracy.

Friday – When it comes to writing, how do you know when to follow the rules and when to follow your heart? Krista talks about the options and opportunities in her post, Follow the Yellow Brick Rules

Saturday – Lena Nelson Dooley guests with us this week to talk about her publishing experience. Stop by and learn more about Lena and her brand new book, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico


Mary Connealy starts off July with a visit to The Writers Alley on July 3rd AND she's giving away her BRAND NEW BOOK Doctors in Petticoats. Make sure you stop by for your chance to win.

July 10 - Welcome Author Vickie McDonough as she discusses writing a male point of view.

July 17 - Kathleen Y'Barbo teaches us the imporance of adding the five senses to our writing.

July 24 - Join Shawna Williams as she discusses e-publishing and her writing journey.

July 31 - Big hats and corsets? Donna Winters drops by to chat about women's fashion from 1900-1905.


On Mary's blog this week:
Monday's I'm Bored Tip for this week is Make a mission's trip. It will help kids and families set up their own mission's trip.
On Wednesday and Saturday, read about an elderly man, whose eyes had grown blind, and his journey to Egypt to see his long lost son.

On Operation Encourage an Author, stop by and learn about Lisa Lickel at

For the month of June, Pepper will have a Blog Series called “Sizzling First Encounters” on her personal blog at We've been having loads of fun with fantastic conversation and even a few giveaways.


Casey said...

I am looking forward to your post on Monday, Pepper, DiAnn Mills is a new favorite of mine. Sounds like a great week!!

Pepper said...

Just got in from out of town, so I'm behind on my commenting :-)
AND I need to work on my post for tomorrow. Whew.

thanks, Case.
i hope it will be some good info. DiAnn's class was great.
Also, I have an idea for my post for next week. STAKES.Goes right along with my new book ;-)