Sunday, June 27, 2010

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Grab a water-gun and get ready for a splashing-good time here on The Writers Alley. There’s always a spray of excitement around here. And our upcoming guests for July are a BLAST!

Monday- Pepper fires off the week asking the question: How Do You Like Your Stakes? What some of the best writers have to say about raising the stakes in your fiction. Personally Pepper prefers her steaks med-well, but the only way to write effective stakes is well-done :-)

Tuesday – Sherrinda talks about White Space and why readers love it. Is that anything close to white noise? Or what about a white dwarf? Snow White? Sorry, getting a bit off topic here.

Wednesday – Don’t get lost along the way, as Mary talks about Rabbit Trails and Red Herrings.

Thursday – Casey gets tough with her post called Hitting the Word Count Every Single Day. (Or as tough as Casey ever gets. She’s much too sweet to get too tough :-)
Friday – Come ready to learn and laugh with Krista’s post Shoot! I Forgot the Fourth.

Saturday – Oh what Fun! Cowboys and romance have never been better! Welcome author Mary Connealy as she talks about characters and quirks. She’s giving away her new book Doctors in Petticoats. Stop by for your chance to win.


July 10 - Welcome Author Vickie McDonough as she posts about Developing Characters Using Archetypes.

July 17 - Kathleen Y'Barbo teaches us the imporance of adding the five senses to our writing. Her newest release looks absolutely breathtaking.

July 24 - Join Shawna Williams as she discusses e-publishing and her writing journey.

July 31 - Big hats and corsets? Donna Winters drops by to chat about women's fashion from 1900-1905.


Casey’s been busy. If you haven’t visited her Operation: Encourage An Author, you can learn more about it on July 13th in an interview at Reflections in Hindsight.

Mary's blog invites you for Monday: Summer tip #3 - How to tell neighbors and summer friends about Jesus.
Wednesday and Saturday: Imagine living to be 130 years old. Shortly after your birthday you move to a new home with seventy relatives (plus a few) to another country where a different language is spoken, different foods are eaten, and the people wear different clothing. Read these exciting Bible retellings at God Loves Kids

It’s the last week for Sizzling First Encounters on Pepper’s Blog, Words Seasoned With Salt. And the WEEK. IS. FULL! Siri Mitchell, Missy Tippens, Audra Harders, Jamie Carie, Kaye Dacus, and Tina Pinson. Stop by and check it out.


Renee (BlacknGoldGirlsBookSpot) said...

Water guns sound good right about now it's supposed to be 90 today (faint)! It sounds like it's going to be a fun week here! Can't wait! :-)

XOXO~ Renee

Casey said...

Hahahah, Pepper, you haven't seen me in my true environment, I'm not sure my family would agree with that "always sweet" thing. :P

Great post, I love it. Just wish I could be here to actually read it. Pout, looks like a great week. :)

Have fun ladies!

Pepper said...

Water guns are definitely a good idea. It's hot my way too today. And humid. I can handle the hot, but I really don't like the humid :-)

Pepper said...

You'll be missed - sassy or sweet :-)
Have a great time. You can catch up on your reading when you get back