Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Good morning, everybody.

We welcome you into a new week with rainbows. (Is that not the COOLEST rainbow picture EVER!!)
A spectrum of possibilities waiting to unfold. IN fact, we’re hoping Krista will meet baby Annabelle this week, right Krista? Any time now is good, right?

Life is filled with all sorts of colors. Sometimes the beauty of life seems as elusive as touching a rainbow, or sometimes we don’t even notice the beauty around us because of all the dark clouds. So today, let’s remember the rainbow is bound up in a promise – of love and hope.

Okay –  the news! It’s going to be a GREAT week with lots of tips from the ladies at The Writers Alley.

Monday – To keep up with the fun from last week, Pepper is going to introduce you to the TOP 20 websites for writers, according to the Writers Digest.

Tuesday- Sherrinda will be back from vacation with fun stuff to share. We're not quite sure what yet - but I'm sure it will be fun ;-)

Wednesday – Get ready for a fabulous post by Mary entitled: The Imposing Write Tight Rule- Strangling unnecessary words--and enjoying it

Thursday – Casey talks a little about possessive writers today. For those of us who hold on to each word like Gollum with the ring of power (from Lord of the Rings), then this post is for you :-)

Friday – Even though the highlight of Krista’s life right now is the expected arrival of her new daughter, (due the end of this month) Krista still has enough creative juices to ‘inspire’ others :-) Stop by for Inspire Me Please, Huh?

Saturday – Join us for another intro into e-publishing with Shawna Williams.


July 31 - Big hats and corsets? Donna Winters drops by to chat about women's fashion from 1900-1905.

August 7 – Swashbuckling expert, Marylu Tyndal, stops by to talk about writing authentic historical characters.

August 14 – Stop by to read about author Cara Lynn James

August 21 – Interview with award winning author, Angela Hunt.

August 28 – Interview with Margaret Brownley


This Monday on Mary's blog: Calling All Detectives, Summer Tip for Kids and Families #6

Wednesday and Saturday's Bible story tells of an adventure down one of the longest rivers known to man in a mini ark, small enough to hold one baby, yet save an entire nation.

Pepper’s blog, Words Seasoned With Salt, will feature a few devotions and book reviews, as well as an ongoing series entitled, Chocolate for Moms.


Casey said...

Love the rainbow pictures Pep. Great way to bring in the week, but now I just need to get my post done, ACK!

Pepper said...

Thanks, Case.
Hope you've had a great Sunday.
I've gotta get to work on my post too ;-) But right now, I'm enjoying One Note. THANK.YOU.SHERRINDA!!!

Casey said...

I don't think I have that feature on my computer, do you have Windows?

Pepper said...

Yes, Windows 2007. If you click on Microsoft Office, One Note should show up underneath. It's so cool.
Sherrinda posted about it last Tuesday.

Casey said...

Oh, great, I will have to check it out. :)