Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Good mornin’, or afternoon, or evenin’. Whichever it is on your side of the world. Glad to have you stop by for our news at The Writers Alley. Let’s celebrate August with a splash…or two.

Check out one of the top viewed pictures from Yahoo this week. Talk about a ‘whale of a tale’.

Well, there may not be stories as big as THAT on The Writers Alley this week, but we’ll do our best to keep you entertained and/or informed.

Monday – Pepper takes Krista’s post from Friday a bit further by talking about the 4 Most popular Christian Fiction Genres – and what those mean.

Tuesday – Laughlines, Bylines, Headlines,…er…oh, Taglines, that’s it. Sherrinda’s going to discuss taglines, why you choose them and how. You might even get a chance to help her figure out her own ;-)

Wednesday – Don’t miss Mary’s Secret to Success – ways to publication, part one.

Thursday – Casey’s taking on Point of View. Whose point of view, you ask? Well stop by and check it out.

Friday – While Krista’s taking maternity leave, we welcome Kaye Dacus to offer some writing tips.

Saturday – Big hats and corsets? Donna Winters drops by to chat about women's fashion from 1900-1905.


August 7 – Swashbuckling expert, Marylu Tyndal, stops by to talk about writing authentic historical characters.

August 14 – Stop by to read about author Cara Lynn James

August 21 – Interview with award winning author, Angela Hunt.

August 28 – Interview with Margaret Brownley


Krista DELIVERS!!! Krista’s newest baby girl, Annabelle, was born this week. To find out more, check out Krista’s blog – but also keep Krista (her family) and especially the baby in your prayers. Little Annabelle was born with a heart abnormality – so surgery will be very soon.

This week on Mary's blog: Monday--Summer Tip # 7--take a trip to another country from your own back yard. Wed/Sat He was born a slave doomed for murder then secretly whisked to the palace and raised with princes. No adventure story could compete with this man's life. Events taken from Exodus. See you there

Pepper’s been tackling ‘cliffhangers’ on her blog, Words Seasoned with Salt. Stop by to learn more.


Casey said...

I just can't believe that one whale picture, I saw that on my AOL homepage. Just crazy, but thankfully no one was hurt!

Okay, you made my post sound great, now I just have to WRITE it. :)

Project Journal said...

Hello everyone!
Sad that I won't be around next week to read your wonderful blog. But...I'll be in London! So, you know it's worth it, no offense! LOL! We leave tomorrow, so have a fantabulous week! It definitely sounds like it, ladies!

Pepper said...

London!!! Are you kidding me! WOOOHOOO! Go, Hannah. Have a MARVELOUS time. Lovely. Big Ben is SOOOO BIG!!!
Are you going to tour Westminster Abbey? See Buckingham Palace? Ooooh - it's a beautiful time of year to go to England.

Pepper said...

I saw that picture and thought 'Whoa, what if the sailors had taken a photo?"
Very cool - scary,but very cool :-)

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Sounds like another great week at The Writer's Alley. Can't wait to hear what Kaye has to share. ;)

I wanna go back to London!!!!!!! I loved it! Absolutely loved it. Sigh....