Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seize the Moment

Each step is a promise given.

Each word written is a chance taken.

Each moment lived is another opportunity to dance for the King.

Every day is a moment in time, a drop of ink in the fountain pen of life.

Each experience lived is a gift from God to bloom and grow on the screen of your imagination.

As writers we have a unique mindset. You all know what I am talking about. We see a story opportunity in everything we see. We see every event or mishap or catastrophe or joyous occasion as something that will give fodder. Our ever hungry imaginations, starve to be fed, mulling over and conjuring up a new story idea that will appear in the dark of night-- an idea you are sure to forget by the light of day.

We cannot shy away from this gift. This opportunity from God to grow and grab hold of every opportunity as a chance to add depth to our fiction. Even the most seemly insignificant moment in your life can be ballooned to give that special something to your fiction.

The best fiction has depth. Subtexting those emotions and thoughts lurking just below the surface, but aren't really written. That dialogue that speaks so much while saying so little. We all want to write the fiction that makes the reader think. Even if it is the most comfortable and laugh-out-loud chick lit, we still need to add depth to it. An opportunity for our readers to walk away from that book saying, "I was really entertained, but I feel strengthened in my faith too."

We have a wonderful responsibility in fiction. To entertain, but also to enlighten. To strengthen the walk of our readers in their faith. To let God use our words to speak to their heart.

And we can't do that to our greatest potential unless we learn to seize the moment. To view everything that happens to us and file it away for future use. God gives us these moments in time and as writers we need to take every single one as a golden opportunity.


Amber Holcomb said...


Lovely post! Thank you for the beautiful, encouraging words about "seizing the moment." And I love those pictures! :)

God bless!


Casey said...

Oh, thanks Amber, I am glad you liked the post. Taking each moment in life and viewing it as a writer's opportunity is a wonderful skill.

I love those pictures too, Google Imagines is a great resource!

Good to see you stop by!