Friday, September 17, 2010

The Dream Vacation...

When we think of a "dream" vacation, some of us think of sunny beaches and blue, blue waters, sparkling in the bright yellow of the sun.

That does look lovely. A hammock gently swaying in the breeze and a good book soothing my frazzled mind.

But still others like to think of journeying overseas and walking in the land of other people. Escaping to places they have never been. To explore and see the new sights.

And while I do love the idea of the romance of exploring such a beautiful landscape, I don't fancy the idea of traveling so far from home. I prefer to go some place within driving distance. In my own area of home.

Still others like to travel to the big city. To shop in all the stores, to mingle with people and an atmosphere that is charged with energy, noise, lights and excitement.

But the city is just not for me. I would much rather escape into the wilderness. Run through fields of green and catch the sun setting on the distant hills. Pluck a handful of flowers by a pond as smooth as glass. Camp beneath the evergreen trees and listen to the birds in the bows sing me to sleep.

While all of these places might be well and good to visit. To experience a new environment and expand horizans, I must admit that the best part of any vacation, is coming home.

Settling into my own bed and breathing in the heavenly scent of sheets dried on the line.

Of chickens pecking in their shared portion of earth. Of the cows lowing in the back pasture. The John Deere tractor next to the full woodshed. The house filled with pleasant surroundings and my family with open arms to welcome me back.

Because no matter how far I travel, no matter where I go, whether in life or in my dreams, I know there is no place like...



Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Awwww, Casey! That is so true! It doesn't matter what extravagant, out of this world vacation we take, we are always ready to come home! Love those pictures, btw! Where do you search for them?

Krista Phillips said...

Home sounds oh-so-nice right now!!

Amber Holcomb said...

What a sweet post, Casey! :) I do enjoy traveling to other places, especially with family. But I agree with Krista in that home sounds really good right now! I miss the bay, the nature trails, the cozy backyard, the redwoods, and my family...home. :(

Anyway, your home sounds so lovely, and thank you for the reminder to truly be thankful for the homes that we have! And I agree with Sherrinda, too--those pictures are wonderful!


Casey said...

Thanks Sherrinda. I do just love coming home, there is nothing like that permenance.

Google Images. :) Put in the right key phrase and search hard enough and you can find some gorgeous images. :)

Casey said...

I am sure it does, Krista! My prayers are with you!

Casey said...

I know how an extended stay away from home can seem long and lonesome, Amber. Though I haven't been gone to the extent that you are for school, I am imagine. But each day takes you closer to that end result! Hang in there. Home is always waiting. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Dorothy, you've come home.....
Just had to say it Casey. :)
This post was as lovely as a cup of hot chocolate, cozy wood fire, and family on a cool tonight.
Thanks Casey.
This warmed my soul after a busy day at work.

Casey said...

I'm glad it was pleasing Mary. I like to keep reading it too. Even though I wrote it, it was comforting to write it and read it. Makes me appreciate home all the more. :)