Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Yahooooo! Strap on yer spurs, saddle up yer pony and dress up in yur best duds, 'cause the Fair has come to town!

Since I happen to be the one doing the weekend editions this month, and our local Fair just happens to be going on this week (or rather today, ending), our weekend edition is about going to the fair.... ya'll! ;-) (and just to be fair - pun intended- we really don't talk like that here.)

Do you enjoy attending the Fair in your community? I raised 4H sheep for 9 years and always had quite a few things in all the exhibit buildings and living in a small community Fair was/ is a pretty big deal for us. The excitement, the lights, the energy! Seeing people you don't see all year long at the Fair. I just love it all. :-)

So while I finish off the last of the Fair excitement in my hometown, see what is coming up here at the Alley for the week. Check back in with ya later. :-)

Monday: We write what you know and what we learn around us, even if it is our family. Pepper takes us on a journey to understand the pros and cons of writing fiction with our family experiences as examples.

Tuesday: Sherrinda has interviewed debut author, Jody Hedlund and rumor has it that there will be a giveaway, so don't miss this one!
Wednesday: Fatty. It can pervade our writing and bog it down in the mire of wordiness, but how can you make the novel longer while avoiding the excess and sprouting gray hairs? Mary will explain.

Thursday: Myth Busters #3: Backstory is Boooooring. Part three in Casey's month long installment is ready, will she dispute your myth?

Friday: Casey doesn't travel, doesn't really know how to do a vacation, so what she will post about today for the next installment of Vacation Fridays is ANYONE'S guess.

Saturday: Best selling, popular author, James Scott Bell was interviewed by our own Pepper, so stop by to read his interview. Sure to inspire and motivate!

SideWalk Talk
9/25: Joseph Bentz joins us for a talk about keeping your characters with you- the prons and cons of living with them

10/2: Laura Frantz comes by (with a giveaway of her books!) to share her experiences after the interview she had with Casey

10/9: Jack Cavanaugh teaches on writing a series in order, what tidbits of information will be dropped on our hungry ears? Stop back in to find out. :-)

10/16: Susan Meissner shares an interview she had with Casey just as the arrival of her latest book, Lady in Waiting hits the store shelves! Don't miss it.


The winner of Paper Roses from last weekend's special guest, Amanda Cabot is.... Edwina! Congratulations!

Our very own Pepper has WON the TARA writing contest! Woo-hoo Pepper!! Be sure and leave a comment with your congrats. :-)

Mary's blog is always hopping! Here is what is going on over there this week: Mon: Fall Tip # 2 How to Live Like a Wise King; Wed and Sat: Walk through Egypt during the time of the first plagues.

ACFWers are heading off to the conference in a few short days! Be watching for the coming weekend editions where I will include links to look at all the fun pictures from the events, for those of us who couldn't attend. :-(

Don't forget yur boots partner, we got a rip-roaring linup for ya. Don't miss it! (because if you do, you know what they say about the wild, wild west. Anything can happen. :-)


Krista Phillips said...

I think u should post about your DREAM vacation! Or you could go on an imaginary vacation using the Internet... :-)

Casey said...

LOL Krista, that's an idea. :D