Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

ACFW Conference: Special Edition

Pepper with Mary Connealy
Were you left behind this year from all the conference excitement? Pining away that you have missed all the new knowledge and chance to converse with people that actually "get" you? Well fear no more! While we are home slaving over WIPS, conference recordings, books on the craft and prepping our blogs for a much needed dose of good old fashioned writing advice, the patrons of the ACFW conference have been stuffing knowledge within themselves like a student cramming for an exam. Not to mention all the calories from the Awards Banquet without the benefit of a treadmill.

Audra Harders, Pepper, Angie Dickens
Just dwell on all the things you are getting done that wouldn't have happened if you had attended. That's right, think positive and for a list of what to do during conference season, click here

But, I won't speak too loudly, because our own dear PEPPER is at the conference *quelling jealous envy* and she is going to check in and deck our weekend edition out with plenty of photos from the events! So you won't have to feel too left out. Just photoshop yourself in. Makes you feel like you were there. ;-)

Pepper and Linore Rose Burkard
So while Pepper is doing that, I am going to fill you in on what you have to look forward to on the Alley in our post conference edition. Who says you need to attend ACFW? You have us! Okay, maybe I shouldn't make that comparison.....

Monday: Pepper is blogging LIVE from the conference! Don't miss it.

Tuesday: Sherrinda is your hostess today and grab a pencile and pad, because Layers and Subplots is headed your way!
Wednesday: Expanding Setting, taking your setting onto a deeper level and make it a living character in your story.

Thursday: Ly. Was. Ing. Three little letters that can kill a manuscript... or can they? Myth Busters Installment #4 is headed your way today!

Friday: Sherrinda rounds out our month long series on Vacation Fridays, with a spectacular look at her past travels!

Saturday: Do you live with your characters? Does the thought scare you? Author Joseph Bentz (and speaker at ACFW, Pep did you go see him??) will be joining us to discuss this very topic.

The winner of Jody Hedlund's The Preachers Bride is... Carol N. Wong!!! Congratulations and thanks to Jody for visiting the Alley!

Take a deep breath. The conference and hubbub is almost over and you are returning with a fresh burst of new enthusiasm. Just what those suffering (or not so suffering) manuscripts need! But be sure and check out these author visits to the Alley for the month of October, they are sure to be loaded with wisdom!

10/2: Laura Frantz joins us (with a giveaway!)
10/9: Jack Cavanaugh is on the Alley
10/16: Susan Meissner is interviewed
10/23: Siri Mitchell is here! (pinch me! I can't wait!)
10/30: Camy Tang rounds out our month and shares much wisdom

SideWalk Talk
The ACFW banquet is tonight at 7:30 EDT and there is going to be a LIVEBLOG of the event! Check it out here, don't miss it! (I don't plan too :-)

Now sit back and enjoy the photos that Pepper has so graciously shared. Don't forget the captions if you have the time Pep! Have a great rest of the weekend everyone. :-)
Pepper and James Scott Bell

Melanie Dickerson and Pepper


Amber Holcomb said...

Great photos, Pepper! :D And thanks for another great weekend edition, Casey. :) Looks like some great stuff headed our way!


Casey said...

Aren't the photos fun Amber?? Let's photoshop ourselves in so we can claim attendance. ;) Glad you liked the edition, I enjoy putting them together!