Friday, October 15, 2010

Freaky Friday: Meet Sarah!

Cue the do-do-do-do music from the Twilight Zone....

I know, I know, not a typical way to start an interview! But my friends, it is Freaky Friday with Sarah Forgrave!

Sarah... stop rolling your eyes at me!

Why is this such a fun Friday interview?

Well, it all started with Sarah accepting an invitation to join the Writer's Alley. Innocent enough. Then, Sarah mentioned that she writes humorous contemporary romance.


Then, Sarah happened to mention that she grew up in Northern Indiana.


Sarah then mentioned that she grew up in the Goshen area.


Then she told me what school she went to.

And... yup, you guessed it. I attended the same school! How freaky is that?? We gave our maiden names and low and behold, while we didn't like "hang" out and we were a year apart, we knew of each other. (Keep in mind, I was a total geek and, well, she wasn't!)

And it just so happened that we had already been paired up for me to interview her! Of course, I had to have a wee bit of fun... (I threatened to post our year book pictures, but because mine is HORRIBLE while hers isn't... I would get the raw end of the deal so decided against it!)

Krista: Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! SO excited to have you here, Sarah! Let's get this party started (and yes, I said that in the whole appropriate rap voice...)

Now, what is your full name, date of birth, social security number, bank account number, and mother’s maiden name? Or, if you don’t want to share all that (not sure why you wouldn’t… HA!), Tell us about your family! Married? Kids? Pets? Do tell!

Sarah: Thanks, Krista! I'm excited to be here! (even if my name is next to the word freaky, lol). Okay, about my family...I'm married and have two kids, a 3-year-old boy and a 4-month-old girl. No furry pets (I'm funny about animal hair in my house), but we do have a fish named Finny.

Krista: Finny! SUCH a great name! So.... A little bird (named Wingy...) told me that you write romantic comedy with an Amish flavor. How did you happen upon that fun genre crossover?

Sarah: You know how people tell you to write what you know? And then other people say to write what the market wants? Well, both of those things sort of merged together into one for me. I grew up in Amish country. I mean, in the heart of it. In fact, my first job in high school was waitressing at a restaurant called The Buggy Wheel. My experiences at the restaurant sparked story ideas, and they grew from there. The more I explored story ideas, the more I realized the funny and poignant aspects of living around the Amish. My stories focus more on modern characters living in Amish-centric settings and interacting with them. It's a gap that hasn't been explored much in fiction, so I figured why not blaze a trail.

Krista: LOVE IT! New gaps in fiction are SUCH a good find! And I LOVE the idea!

I saw you talking about your ACFW conference appointments and requests (EEEE!!) on your blog today. I thought we'd do a quick blast from the not-so-distance past here too. Pretend you’re at conference in an appointment, and I’m this ridiculously sought-after editor that you are just DYING to sell your current work-in-progress to. I’m sitting here, legs kicked up, waiting for you to pitch to me. GO!

Sarah: Oohh, it's like I'm reliving the conference all over again. Here goes...

My book is about a girl who just lost her big-city job and has monstrous debt thanks to her shopping addiction. When her jerky ex-boyfriend gives her a lucrative job offer, she returns to her hometown to help him discover who's behind plans for an Amish-themed tourist development. She works at her father's diner and uses her connections to investigate. But she has to overcome a murky relationship with her dad, a car that's almost totaled when she hits a horse and buggy, and the iciness of a nerd-turned-hunk from her past if she'll ever pay off her credit cards for good.

Krista aka uber-cool-editor: I LOVE IT! Send me a full... Let's talk movie deal...

Krista (the real one): Speaking of writing and birds… ANOTHER bird (named beaky??) told me that you finaled in a writer’s contest not too long ago! We want details! Which one? What was it like to get the “call”?

Sarah: Wow, you've got a lot of birds talking to you! Yes, you're right. I got runner-up in the Contemporary Romance category of the Genesis contest. It's a national contest for unpublished writers put on by American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). I don't remember what exactly I was doing when I got the call that I'd finaled. I do remember that I was shaking and that I paced all over my living room (I always pace when I talk on the's good exercise).

Krista: Your poor carpet... but I totally do the same thing!! (I'm telling you... frrreeeaakkkyyy....)

PEDICURE TIME! What color: Red, pink, green, or blue?

Sarah: Pink or maybe red...I'm not very adventurous when it comes to toes.

Krista: Someday, you and I are going to go get pedicures done and get some rockin' green or blue toes! Just for fun:-) Ohhh, we should totally do green AND blue... every other toe! (you have to admit that WOULD be pretty freaky...)

When you ARE published someday and receive that first coveted check from a publisher… what will you buy first? (Yes, I know some might be frugal and save it… but surely you’d splurge and buy SOMETHING!)

Sarah: Hmm, a vacuum that can suck the baby fat out of me? Oh, they don't make those? I guess I'll settle for a Dyson.

Krista: If you find a vacuum like that, let me know, kay? I need one BAD!

As you can tell by my next question...

Which candy bar represents you best and why? Snickers, Milky Way, Kit Kat, Twix, or 3 Musketeers?

Sarah: This is a tough one. I'd say a Snickers because it has a lot of layers, some sweet and some nutty. But if I had to choose which one to eat at this very moment...a Kit Kat for sure.

Krista: Gotcha. Snickers is a good one too!

Last question: In true Freaky Friday Fashion… if you could switch lives with anyone in the world right now for one day.. who would it be? Keep in mind, you would still be you, just in their body!

Sarah: Drew Carey, because I've always wanted to tell someone they just won an Elvis Presley jukebox. No seriously, I think I'd switch lives with my sister. She needs a heart transplant, and I'd love to give her a boost of energy for just one day if I could.

Krista: Wow. As a momma of a baby in the hospital with a heart condition, I totally can relate!! That is SO very sweet of you! I'll definitely be praying for your sister!

Well, that concludes our freaky Friday interview! Again, WELCOME Sarah to the alley! We are SO SO SO SO excited to have you!

Anyone else have some fun, freaky Friday questions for Sarah? We could totally have some fun with this... After all... it's FRIDAY!


Renee Ann said...

I love the idea of Amish romantic comedy! Would you describe it as Beverly Lewis meets Mary Connealy meets Sarah Forgrave? Hope your book gets published soon!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Oh, I love interviews Krista-styled! How fun, how fun! And Sarah, your book blurb sounds fabulous! I am hoping and praying that something good comes from the request! Glad to have you on board here at The Alley!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Now I want to go eat a Snickers. :D

Sarah, so glad to be writing with you. I can't wait to see how your adventure plays out.
~ Wendy

Diane said...

Praying for your sister. Freaky Friday is right!?!?! :O)

Ralene said...

Yeah, Snickers, hands down. Bad for my diabetes though. Maybe a small bite-size one. :)

Sarah, WELCOME! I'm so excited to get to know all these fabulous women. Looking forward to following your writing journey! And I vote that you and Krista get PURPLE toes.

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Krista and Sarah, that was a great interview! You guys made me laugh this morning and that's just what I needed.

So fun to learn more about you, Sarah. It was a pleasure to meet you at the ACFW Conference and take a break from all the stress. I'll be praying for your sister and your story!

Julia M. Reffner said...

What a great interview, Sarah and Krista! You had me chuckling! I think its so neat that you two have so much in common and now you're sharing a day on the "Alley"...what a God-thing.

Sarah, your novel sounds like lots of fun. Looking forward to learning from you here.

Angie Dicken said...

Such a fun interview!! I live in Amish country too...It's so interesting! Glad to get to know you, Sarah!

Casey said...


That is just toooo funny! I love Krista's interviews (she needs to do WAY more) and it was great to hear your answers Sarah! I would have run after the question for Social securty and bank acccount numbers. Hey, why didn't you answer that one? ;)

Welcome, welcome! What fun to have you here. I love your story pitch. :)

Lydia Kang said...

Great interview! And now I want a Snickers too.
And Sarah and Krista, I sympathise with your families. I have a son that was in the NICU for a heart condition. I hope your sister gets that transplant and does well.

Pepper said...

Does anyone else get the feeling that Krista is like one of those Disney princesses? ya know, talking to the animals and all.
Will you sing for us too, Princess Krista - or do the effects stop with talking animals? :-)

So happy to have you here, Sarah - and what a joy it was to cheer for you at ACFW!!! I was the loudest, just so you know.
I absolutely LOVE your premise and hope i can write humor as well as you and Krista someday. What fun will that be?!?

Prayers going out to both of you freaky friday girls.

Pepper said...

Btw, Sarah
when you patent that vacuum, will you let me know.

Krista Phillips said...

Oh, believe me, you do NOT NOT NOT want me singing for you!

A Disney princess. HA! That will have me "snicker"ing all day!

I think we ALL want to buy that vacuum. (I think, actually, it's called liposuction... but an "at home" version would be totally cool!)

Pepper said...

especially after eating all those snickers

Sarah Forgrave said...

Whew, what a morning! The kids are down for naps (well, relatively speaking...I hear my son pounding on the wall, but I digress), and I'm ready to chat with my friends new and old (also relatively speaking).

Renee Ann - Oohh, Beverly Lewis meets Mary Connealy meets Sarah Forgrave...I like that! I'd say it's Beverly Lewis without the Amish main characters (they're secondary in my book), Mary Connealy without the wild wild west, and Sarah Forgrave without any trace of historical...100% contemporary...historical research scares me. :)

Sherrinda - Yes, Krista-style interviews are quite the laugh, aren't they? So glad to be on board with you all!

Wendy - Hope that Snickers doesn't mess up any diet you're on. What am I saying? You don't need to're gorgeous!

Diane - Thank you so much for the prayers!

Ralene - Bless your heart dealing with diabetes. I'm a carb-aholic...can't imagine the restraint I'd have to exercise. Oh, and purple toes? I got a little panicky just thinking about it. I'm telling you...I'm COMPLETELY unadventurous when it comes to toes. :)

Cindy - Isn't Krista a hoot? I needed the laugh this morning too! :)

Julia - I know...Isn't it wild all the similarities? I think I've found my spot with kindred spirits here. :)

Angie - You live in Amish country too?! So you actually know what I'm talking about when I use the term road apples??

Casey - I was prepared to share my social security and bank account #'s, but Krista didn't ask what the make and model was of my first car. Couldn't give out the first two without that. :)

Lydia - I can't imagine how you and Krista have managed with seeing your little ones so fragile. Thanks for the thoughts. Oh, and sorry for sparking a Snickers craving. :)

Krista & Pepper - Oh boy, wouldn't I love to invent that vacuum?!?!? I bet I'd be richer than the guy who invented liposuction!

Pepper said...

Love you the more I READ!!
I like to have visions of grandeur and compare myself to Mary Connealy & Julie Lessman in a contemporary realm.
My book title should
A Passion With Cowboys, oops, wait- not quite what I meant, sort of.
But the fact you compare your writing to Mary makes me pretty sure I want to read, critique, enjoy anything you're writin' girlfriend.!
Can't wait to see what happens with your stuff.

Sarah Forgrave said...

Pepper - Passion with Cowboys...LOL! Scary, but it made me think of Brokeback Mountain, and I know that's NOT what you meant! :)

Pepper said...

Thanks, Sarah. Now I have to use BRAIN BLEACH to remove the image.
No, that was NOT a true cowboy movie.
And definitely not what I was thinking. LOL

So- what authors do you like to read? I'm guessing that Mary is one

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Princess Krista! I love it!!!! lol

And that was terrible...."snicker-ing" indeed! lolol

You made my day.

Sarah Forgrave said...


What authors do I like to read? Boy oh boy, there's a loaded question. One of my favorites lately is Hillary Manton Lodge. She's the only one I've found who writes "sassy Amish" (her term, not mine). I also love Janice Thompson, Diann Hunt, Tamara Leigh, and gobs more I'm probably forgetting right now.

Casey said...

LOL, okay then I will ask, what is the make and model of your car?? ;)

Krista Phillips said...

Brain bleech, wow. It really IS a freaky friday!!!

Tamara Leigh... MY FAVORITE!!!! "Yours in Christ..." (my favorite line from Faking Grace, I think I cried I laughed so hard...)

Sarah Forgrave said...

Casey - Ohhh, you would ask that, wouldn't you? Well, I won't tell you the make and model, but I will tell you this. It was one cool car for being made in the 80's. Let's just say it talked to me. Really. It had a computerized voice that told me things like, "Your door is ajar". (to which I always responded, "No it's not. It's a door." Bad bad joke, I know.)

Krista - Oh, I forgot about that line in Faking Grace! And wasn't there a scene where the fish fell off her car bumper or something? Right at the beginning of the book?

Krista Phillips said...

Yes! The fish was hilarious. That was the first Tamara Leigh book I ever read... I've been hooked ever since!!!

And wow, that WAS a bad joke (about as bad as my horrible snicker-ing one:-))

Krista Phillips said...

Okay... Hooked... fish... i really didn't plan that, I promise. Wow... It really IS freaky friday. (could also be termed "fruitcake Friday" as well...)

Cindy R. Wilson said...

You guys, A Passion With Cowboys! Come on, I'm supposed to be writing here and you keep distracting me. My tummy hurts from laughing. Sooo glad it's Friday--you guys crack me up! I'm making Snickers cheesecake right now, I'll bring it to the party next time since everyone is so fond of Snickers around here. But someone else has to bring the vacuum after that :)

Sarah Forgrave said...

Cindy - That's so not fair, whipping out a Snickers cheesecake when I just managed to squeeze back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I need to get working on that vacuum invention asap!

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Yeah, that was pretty cruel. Sorry, I like to feed people. Next I'm making pumpkin cheesecake. Maybe not quite as bad for us? Hmmm...

Sarah Forgrave said...

Oh yeah, pumpkin is full of antioxidants and fiber...Definitely health food (I'll just ignore that word "cheesecake"). :-)

Cindy R. Wilson said...


Pepper said...

Whew, all this snickering and Snickers talk.
My fat cells are growing at the thought.
I'm pulling out the regular vacuum cleaner just to give it a try.

Ralene said...

Cheesecake is def my favorite dessert. I don't think I've ever had pumpkin though...rasberry tux cheesecake is my absolute favorite--completely divine. :)

I love pumpkin pies and pumpkin rolls though.

Casey said...

Did someone say CHEESECAKE?? That has always been my favorite desert, hang, gotta wipe the drool from my keyboard....

My grandfather would always buy a cheesecake for me when I came to visit. Always made me feel special. :)

And lol, Sarah that is a bad joke but so funny. Can't ya tell I love to laugh? I laugh even at the corny ones. I would totally write light hearted, chick lit, type fiction if I could. :)

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Ewww, Pepper! Lol. This is disturbing.

Pepper said...

Maybe that's why I write speculative fiction sometimes. To get the 'ewwww' out :-) LOL

I have 3 boys - what do you expect. My life is filled with gross facts and possibilities. I bet Angie can relate. My poor girls.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Wow, everyone gets a little extra wild on Fridays. I like this :)

I need the vaccuum, too...Sarah's, not Pepper's. Just finished a piece of Italian rum cake. Yum. :)

Keli Gwyn said...

Sarah, I'm way late to the post. I ready Krista's great interview Friday, but for some reason I didn't leave a comment. So sorry about that.

Welcome to the Writers Alley. I look forward to visiting on your days to blog and seeing what wonderful wisdom you have to share. I have a hunch I'll enjoy a few chuckles, too. =)