Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

Are you still stuffed? I know with all the leftovers lying around my house, I won't be hungry for the rest of the month. :-) Any special memories made this year around the dinner table? We had friends over and shared the afternoon over chicken (yeah don't go there, don't even try) and pie and of course, praising God for what we are most thankful for.

And now the frenzy of the second half of the holiday season has started. I don't know about you, but I get dizzy just thinking about it. But as you race from one store to the other, be not quick to forget the peace and joy of the day before and the thankfulness that filled your heart. Don't lose sight of that.

Now... what's up the street....

Monday: Find you with Angie how to mix in the perfect amount of setting with the depth of your characters and what will affect them.

Tuesday: Remember reading books when you were young? It probably planted that deep seated desire to make your own one day. Julia shares that this week with a post:  Protein Stories: What I Learned about Writing Healthy Fiction from Prolific Children's Author Jane Yolen.

Wednesday: Sarah's post for today is Writing Lessons from the Bachelor. Check it out to find out what Sarah will be sharing. :-)

Thursday: The Quixotic Pull of Your Future Novel Wendy explores the ease of being seduced by new characters when the old ones just. won't. cooperate. Anyone relate here?

Friday: What do your characters want for Christmas?? Cindy gives you a list of handy tips for finding out the inspiration and motivations behind the "whys" of your characters.

Alley news flash!
Julia has been selected to write Christian historical fiction review for Historical Novel Society!


Just a few more days until NaNoWriMo month is over! How is your word count coming along?

Freelance Writing Courses is holding a Christmas Writing Contest. Prizes include gift certificates to courses offered by Freelance.

Sandra Byrd author of adult and YA fiction will be on Operation Encourage an Author this coming week.

Julia entertains author Cathy Bryant on Dark Glass Ponderings with an interview and giveaway on December 1st.

Do you like bookmarks? Casey has a whole bundle she would love to share with you! Just email her with your mailing address if interested. All bookmarks are for Christian fiction

Mary is hosting Christian fantasy author, Bryan Davis on Monday and Tuesday on her blog

Enter to win The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund on Writing for Christ this week.

And we leave you to enjoy your weekend with a Ally Cat/Seeker sighting! (to steal a Seekerville term. :-)

Debra Marvin, Ruth Logan Herne, Julia, Joy Tamsin David at a book signing in NY for Ruth's fiction.


Julia M. Reffner said...

I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving, Casey! Aren't the leftovers even better? We had Thanksgiving at our house for the first time this year. My brother and I were in the kitchen and he's a student at a culinary school in we had some fabulous food.

Sounds like another great line-up. I love the TV lessons and I have some new characters that have been seducing me into research lately. :)

Casey said...

I did Julia, though I just realized I made a greivous error on the post! I didn't eat turkey, but chicken. Yeah. Don't go there. Not pretty. Must have been zoned out yesterday while writing this. :P

Hmm, can I come to your house next year?? Culinary arts sounds simply devine! Glad your Thanksgiving was enjoyable too!

Julia M. Reffner said...

LOL on the chicken :). Wouldn't that be so much fun to have a big old blogger buddy meal sometime? :)

Casey said...

LOL, a blogger meal would be fantastic, but then, how we would we get all of us in one place?? :)

Pepper said...

Hidee guys!
I'm looking forward to the day when we can all MEET! Talk about fun. And just add food to the mix and you have the perfect get-together.

Get post, Case. I'm a chicken fan, but for Thanksgiving I enjoyed stewed beef. Yep - no turkey for me either :-)

SOOOOO jealous that you got to meet Ruthy. But GREAT pic :-)

Julia M. Reffner said...

Pepper, Ruthis is every bit as much fun in person as on the blog :). Yes, an Alley meeting would be so much fun...and MUST include CHOCOLATE!

Sarah Forgrave said...

Hi ladies! What a great weekend, but I'm ready for my life to feel a bit more normal now...This fun week of posts will do just the trick. :)

My favorite memory from the weekend was when we put the Christmas tree up on Friday. I found my long-lost ornaments from when I was growing up, and my 3-year-old had fun putting them on the tree with me. Oh, and one more favorite memory (I can have 2, right?)...Going to the museums yesterday and seeing my son's enthusiasm and delight when we saw a huge train exhibit. Every time the train came out of a tunnel, he jumped and screamed, "There it is again!"

Casey said...

Ack, Pep, another none turkey Thanksgiving?? Sigh, what is wrong with the world?? :)

Sarah, what a fun memory! I can so see that little boy so excited to see the train come back around. What a fun story to tell later. :)

Ruth Logan Herne said...


Say in sing-songy annoying voice: "I am just as much fun in person, I am just as much fun in person... "

Guys, what a pleasure it was to meet some writer buds! Oh my stars, the honor was all mine and I can't wait until I can see you all again where we can sit, talk, drink Pepsi...


Pepster, I never did get on top of our October deal, but I'm sending you hugs from upstate. And if the time-space continuum allows us a LONGER day sometime, I'm totally down with that.

Love you guys. Gotta drink some eggnog and eat cake because tomorrow....



Anonymous said...

Looks like a funnnnnn week ahead gals.

I can vouch for her Ruth is as cheerful in person as online and all you have to do is feed her M&M's and she keeps on going and going and going.

Casey said...

LOL Ruthy, you brighten my day- ALWAYS!!

Tina, I will be sure and remember that...though aren't there sometimes you wish she wouldn't keep going and going...?? ;)