Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

Our favorite books sweep us away on their words, plot, settings, characters.

We want to return day after day, moment to moment to find out more and when we have closed the book on the last page, we feel as if we have lost our best friend.

So, with great eagerness we unearth the story once again, immersing ourselves in the joy the author has created.

As budding writers, we aspire to create such a masterpiece. Join us this coming week on the journey of fiction...

Mother by day...renegade writer by night...sounds mysterious and dark, wouldn't you say? I doubt it. Because it's only sweet Angie here to share how she juggles three boys, a baby on the way and the love of FICTION!

You have to do something to get good at it. Julia's post will tackle just such an issue, Writing What You Learn

Just. Do. It! Stop Staring and Just Write with guest author Christin Taylor of The Blank Page Writing Workshops

Join Wendy as she reflects on how our characters grow from a seed in our minds to fill the blank pages of our stories.

That first hook, that first line that draws us in, but writers lose hair and sleep over. Worry no more as Cindy has just such a post to help you out! Beef Up Your Fiction.

News Stand

The winner of 2 Heartsong book is....Linda Kish!!

Keli Gwyn has interviewed our own Sarah! Be sure and check out Romance Writers on the Journey, Monday the 24th.

Casey is hosting the first monthly "Cold Call" special over on her blog. This month's is Laura Frantz! Scoot on over to submit your very own question for this talented author!

Seekerville gives away a 5 page critique every week, check them out today for this week's chance. :-)

Prayers would be appreciated for Sarah's sister who is now on the highest priority for a heart transplant list and is being admitted to the hospital on Monday, the 24th. Please keep this young family in your prayers!

Want your voice to be heard? Click here to submit the names of your favorite authors and books in 2010.

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See you next week!


Claudia said...

oh boy, there's a lot going on next week. I hope I can keep up ;)
I'll be back to check it out during the week.
Happy writing!

Casey said...

There always is, Claudia! We look forward to sharing it with you. :)