Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Today is a day to celebrate:


And romantic songs! or this song.

And flowers!

All in honor of Love. True Love.

What happens after love? Well, check out this clip for an answer (and remember, the author of this post is a Christian so you're mostly safe)

Well, are you ready?!? For the next TWO weeks, The Alley Cats are celebrating the season of love, and what a GREAT TIME we have planned for you!

Romance and fiction are in the air. A fantastic combination.

Shall we set the dates?

Monday – Pepper starts off the week with a post called Heroes: Mind, Body, and Soul.

Tuesday – First Glances of Love with Sherrinda. Check out some great scenes where two people ‘see’ their destined love for the first time…in a different light.

Wednesday –  Mary brings us Three Loves Now Gone With the Wind- Guess what her featured book is? ;-)

Don’t miss Casey’s post this Thursday called: “The Perfect Proposal Plan”. With tips from authors such as Janet Dean, Denise Hunter, Lorna Seilstad, it’s going to have the ring of romance.

As usual, Krista brings her humor and romantic twists to end this first week of romance from The Writers Alley.


Oh what GREAT news!!! Our very own Casey Herringshaw is going to be a STAR!! How, you ask? She won Julie Lessman’s review contest and now… Julie’s going to write Casey into a book. And a cuter character, Julie could NOT find!! Seriously. Look at this adorable lady. TOTALLY romance material! Go, Julie GO!

To learn more about Julie’s books go here.

Julia hosts Jody Hedlund on her blog. Join her for a chocolate giveaway at

Pepper continues her blog series, Love At First Thought, with special guests Julie Lessman, Deb Raney, and Missy Tippens. Stop by Words Seasoned with Salt to learn more.

Wishes for a wonderful Valentine's Day - from our alley to yours.


Sarah Forgrave said...

Great rundown, Pepper, as always. And how exciting for Casey!!! Hmmm, which hunky hero will she get to kiss in Julie's book? :)

Pepper said...

Oooo, Sarah!
What a thought. I bet it will make sweet Casey blush ;-)
Especially if JULIE writes the kiss!!!

Julia M. Reffner said...

Great posts coming up as always!!

So excited for our Miss Casey!! She worked so hard for it, too!! I wouldn't put it beyond Julie...:)

I'm also giving away Jody's book The Preacher's Bride at my site today!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, Sarah, you're right. Can't wait to see Casey's dashing white knight.
This blog is too much fun:)
Happy romance weeks all:)

Casey said...

Ladies calm down, I don't know WHO I'm playing. Though what a thought... ;)

Julie Lessman said...

Grin ... it is kind of fun thinking what I can do with our girl, Casey. She commented on my Seekerville blog this week that she tends toward women's fiction because she doesn't have enough experience for romance. Uh, I'll see what I can do on that score, okay, Case? But rest assured, it's already written and hate to tell ya, but you do end up in a bedroom ... :)


Casey said...

Oh nooooo!!

Just kidding. She better be turned around is all I can say! :)

Should I run scared NOW while I have the chance?? :)

Ralene said...

Ooo...I'm excited for this week, guys! Sounds fun! (Hoping the content filter at this hotel will hold out and not ban blogs again)

Congrats, Casey! That will be a lot of fun!

Keli Gwyn said...

Congratulations, Casey!

Looks like another great week coming up at the Alley.

Casey said...

Thank you Ralene and Keli!! I don't think I could have gotten more exciting news. :-D

Amber Holcomb said...

How fun! Love this post!

And congratulations to Casey!!! I saw your name in Julie's newsletter--I'm so happy for you!! :D Can't wait to read all about your character. ;)


Casey said...


Cindy R. Wilson said...

I can't wait for the upcoming posts! And congrats, Casey, how fun!