Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

More Romance anyone??

I mean, seriously, can you ever have TOO much romance?

Certainly not here at The Writers Alley – especially during FEBRUARY!!

If you’ve enjoyed our romantic posts from last week, just get a load of what’s happening next week.

Monday – Angie starts off the week with some lovely insights from Liz Curtis Higgs epic novel Thorn in My Heart entitled A Vein of Hope. Her post will show how hope is woven through the pages of our novels to hook the readers and pull them through to the final page.

Tuesday- Let’s step back to the Regency world with some Truths About Love Universally Acknowledged: What I learned about romance from Jane Austen with Julia.

Wednesday – Pucker up and get ready for a kiss to build a dream on. Sarah brings in author tips on writing show-stopping kisses. A fan, ice, or tall glass of water might be necessary.

Thursday – Bring along your Kleenex as Wendy talk about lessons learned about life-long love from The Notebook.

Friday – Check out Romance Through the Ages with Cindy. The beauty of romance from Jane Austen to Denise Hunter and more.


Casey gets to talk about her wonderful blog Operation: Encourage An Author at Reflections in Hindsight on Feb 19th. TODAY!!!

Pepper has a new group of guests for her Love at First Thought Series at Words Seasoned With Salt. Information from Patti Lacy, Siri Mitchell, and Audra Harders.

Now for some fun. This is a link to some best kisses. Whew….lovely.

And how about this one. Great romance scenes without the S-E-X.


A Kiss is Just a Kiss


Henya said...


Julia M. Reffner said...

I love that Gil & Anne scene. What a fun week ahead once again and I have been building a reading list here!

Casey said...

*fans self* My goodness, what a week! Can't get a better start than that photo of Anne and Gil. :)

Melissa Cunningham said...

WONDERFUL blog! So glad I found you! I'm a follower! Anyone who posts such great kissing pictures is all right in my book! =)

Keli Gwyn said...

I love romance--reading it and writing it. And I loved that video clip. Delightful!

Pepper said...

Who doesn't love Anne and Gil, right?
Melissa - welcome!!
We love LOVE around here ;-)