Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

What do the Alley Cats do when they don’t know what to write?

They have a Grab Bag week!

That’s right. This week is a mix of writing, fun, romance, and laughter – but you won’t know what’s happening until you stop by.

Who are your hostesses this week?

Pepper, Sherrinda, Mary, Casey, and Krista

It’s a surprise week! Which means we’ll probably be surprised too! :-)

I can give you a hint about Thursday, though.

It has to do with Susan May Warren and The Frazier. Stop by to learn more.

Oh, and I'll treat you to this clue about Wednesday:  Genesis and pressing the enter key.  Gutsy.

What are some great Christian book coming out in March? Check out this list:

From Bethany House –

Judith Miller’s - A Bond Never Broken

Siri Mitchell’s, A Heart Most Worthy

Nancy Moser’s, An Unlikely Suitor (04-01-11)

Mary Connealy’s, Out of Control

From Waterbrook

Liz Curtis Higgs, Mine Is the Light

From Tyndale

C.J. Darlington’s, Bound By Guilt

Just to name a few…

There are so many more. Plenty to keep you busy all through March!

Any that you are particularly looking forward to reading?
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10 comments: said...

OOh I like thw sound of the grab bag! :O)

Pepper said...

So do we, Madeleine.
Keeps us all on the edge of our seats :-)

Casey said...

February has been so long I am waiting for a new month (With hopefully warmer temps- it was 18 BELOW this morning!) I didn't know Mary's book was coming from Bethany house this next month! Maybe BH will send me a review request email with it in it....:)

Julia M. Reffner said...

Siri's is probably the one I'm most excited about and thankfully came out before its date, although I haven't read it yet.

Can't wait for MaryLu's Surrender the Night from Barbour and An Eye for Glory by Karl Bacon from Zondervan.

Wow, Casey, 18 below. You've got us beat in upstate NY and that's not always easy to do.

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Oh, I just downloaded Out of Control by Mary Connealy to review! I can't wait to get to it. ;)

Kaye Dacus said...

Um. . . hate to break it to you, but the release date for THE ART OF ROMANCE is May, not March. (I just finished galley edits two weeks ago.) I wish it were coming out next month. Can't wait for y'all to fall in love with Caylor and Dylan!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Kaye, when I saw that about your's releasing next month, I had to go check it out. I was just about to email Pepper about it. :) I was DISAPPOINTED too!!!

Pepper said...

Oh dear, Kaye.
So sorry!
The link I visited listed March releases and there was your lovely pic.
Removal in progress!

Pepper said...

I wonder how many others I messed up on.
Going to double check AGAIN!

Sarah Forgrave said...

I love, love, love that cover for Siri Mitchell's book. Holy smokes, that is gorgeous!

Can't wait to share another week with you lovely ladies.