Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

I think we would get an unanimous vote if I asked everyone if they are ready for spring.

And in utter defiance to the 19 degrees we had here this morning and the snow that fell yesterday along with the hail and sprinkles of sunshine, I am going to have pictures of my favorite spring flower on the blog.

Think it will encourage our weather??

THINK POSITIVE. It will! :-)

So, let's find out what is up on the Alley for this coming week. (sunshine pleaseeeee)

The laptop is a distraction, email, Facebook, blogging, what's a writer to do? Angie has suggestions, and one that might actually surprise you.

Julia is your hostess this Tuesday.  Her topic is "Writing is a Team Sport: Getting the Most from a Face to Face Writer's Group."

Need a Self-Editing Check list handy, you are sure to forget something while running through that manuscript. Sarah is starting her new series here on the Alley on Wednesday.

Ever find yourself in those moments between writing the new WIP and editing the last? Wendy knows just what you are talking about! Check out her post on Thursday for tips on that very subject.

Friday brings with it Cindy's sweet smile and writing tips on how to plot your novel and a list of steps to give your new ideas!
Alley Newstand

Ruth Logan Herne has been "Cold Called" on Casey's blog! Be sure and check out the post and submit YOUR question for Ruth to answer. :-)

The Genesis is now CLOSED! Did you enter? You still have time to enter The Frasier!

Check out the Seekerville contest update here

Margie Lawson teaches courses online to help you grow in your craft and Casey can personally vouch for her excellent teaching style. Check out her list of upcoming classes online now!

Details can be found about the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Conference here 

There are new details popping up all the time for the coming ACFW conference. Are you going??

Have a GREAT weekend from those on the Alley to you!
(And may Spring SPRING soon! :-)


Pepper said...

Great weekend post, Case.
And YES - ready for spring!
I hope to attend BRMCWC as a day guest this year - we'll see. Maybe I can give another inside scoop :-)
Good luck to all Genesis and Frasier entrants.
Woohooo!!! Go Alley Cats!!!!

Jillian said...

Beautiful photos!

Christine Long said...

Spring? You mean there's another season besides winter?

The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing those. The fragrance is filling the room.

At the last minute I decided not to enter the Genesis. I couldn't get the scene to work the way I wanted it to. I think I have it worked out now and I'm looking forward to entering the Frasier.

Sounds like a great line-up for the week. Can't wait!

Keli Gwyn said...

It's sunny here in the Sierra Foothills of California today with a high of 61º expected. I just took a peek at the lilacs in my backyard, and they are already budding out. I'm eager to bury my nose in their fragrant blooms a few weeks from now, while dodging the bees, of course.

I'm planning to attend the ACFW conference and look forward to seeing several Alley Cats. =)

Casey said...


JILLIAN, thanks for stopping by! :)

CHRISTINE, ugh I know. Especially where I live it is SO like that! Best of wishes in the Frasier, you will benefit!

KELI, oh I'm hoping to go this year, we'll see if God provides a way. :) And oh, send some of that sunshine my way, puleeease?? :)

Ralene said...

I love Spring! I won't rub your nose in the beautiful weather we're having here where I live, which I won't say b/c, like I said, no nose rubbing. :P

I'm giong to the ACFW conference this year! Yay and PTL! I didn't think it would happen, but now it seems God is guiding the way...and early enough not to make me stress about it. Whew!

Julia M. Reffner said...

Well it warmed up here suddenly, we are having very wet weather. Lots of deep puddles for the kids to jump in.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Looking through the looking glass at your weather Julia, Ralene, and Keli, waiting for it to blow this way.
This week is full of great info. I can't wait to read each post:)
Thanks for the encouraging photos, Casey.

Casey said...

RALENE, YAY for you!! That is really awesome how God is moving for you. :)

JULIA, it's wet here too. Rain this morning and snow this afternoon. Sigh. I am determined to not let it bother me...much.

MARY, I love lilacs. They always cheer me up. :)

Wendy Sargeant said...

Just popping in from Australia to say hello. We'll be keeping an eye on your posts to find more interesting competitions. If any of your members are interested in free Aussie inspirational books, they can come and say hi.

Casey said...

Hello Wendy, welcome, welcome, it is great to have you visit the Alley! I hope we will see more of you around here and what you find will be helpful. :)