Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

These are a few of my favorite things...

I've had the song running through my head this morning and it has me thinking about the things I love most. Writing, books, family, sunshine.


We won't go there. Yet.

And some of my favorite things surround me everyday. And what a joy it is to count the things that I love and give thanks to the One who gave them to me.

What's up the street...

Monday is brought in with a bright and cheery smile from Pepper who will encourage you to Finish What You Start

Sherrinda is scheduled to hit the Alley on Tuesday with a whirlwind post!

You've written the book and now you just  need to get the news about it out there! Wednesday brings Mary's post on Trendsetting- What You Can Do To Get Your Book Noticed

You've got the manuscript right? But you don't know what to do with it? Casey has a condensed list of freelance editors and classes to take on Thursday that will take your writing to the next level.

It's the last day of  the work week and Krista will be here to entertain your Friday.


Julia hosts Roseanna White with a giveaway on her blog on March 16th and another giveaway on March 16th with Regina Andrews. Don't miss out. You can find her blog here.

Find out how a book cover is created.

Stop by Casey's blog for a chance to win Cara Lynn James's book, Love on Assignment

Win a phone call from Angela Hunt! click here for more details.

Jim Rubart is doing a book signing in Everett, Washington at the Family Christian Store. You can find a link to the store here

Jim will also be on Operation Encourage an Author next week, be sure and stop by!

Help Julie Lessman solve an issue with her next series to be pitched to her publishers!

What are a few of your favorite things?

Have a great weekend from those of us on the Alley!


Christine said...

Fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee has to top the list. Writing. Birds singing. Writing with a newly sharpened pencil. Books. Chocolate. I'll stop there.

I'm looking forward to spring. It means that the end of the school year isn't far away. I guess I should add the last day of school as one of my favorite things. But then I'd have to be completely honest and say the first day of school is also one of my favorite things.

Thanks for the post and the lists!

Casey said...

Good morning Christine! Those are good things. :) And yes the first and last days of school are ALWAYS an adventure, so I would completely agree with you there. :)

Thanks for stopping by this morning!

Julie Lessman said...

HEY, CASE ... thanks SOOO much for posting about my pitch dilemma!! So far SF Wealthy (my original proposal) is running away with it, so maybe my instincts aren't so far off after all ... :)


Casey said...

That's great Julie!! As I was seeing some of the responses I definitely it was a good idea to do it through FB. Then you can read and reply to responses, see why people think the way they do. :) And ANYTHING you write is going to be great. Believe it. I do. :)