Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

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Anybody in the mood for a party??

Have you seen that little counter over there on the side? The one with the follower count?

We have ALMOST hit 300 followers!!!!

Can you spell E-X-C-I-T-E-D?!?!?

Though by no means do we look at this as something we could do. We are merely creative human beings placed where God wants us. And to be sharing this with YOU?? It's beyond wonderful.

It's stupendous!



Enough with the adjectives, you get the idea. My POINT IS, once that ticker rolls around to the 3-0-0 we are going to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and the rumor is there will be prizes ;-)

What's Comin' Up on the Alley...

Pepper starts our week off with her Monday post on what she learned while enrolled in the Christian Writer's Guild.

Sherrinda swings by with her usual dose of humor and goodwill on Tuesday to share a bit of wisdom.

Sally Stuart author of the popular Christian Writer's Market Guide is visiting Mary's post on Wednesday with a healthy dose of writing advice and what's coming up new for the Guide. Don't miss it!

Casey will take a moment on Thursday to visit the Alley and since she doesn't know yet what she's posting, it will be a surprise (cue the music)

Krista is busy juggling work, babies and fiction. Find out what's new with her writing on Friday.

On the News Stand

Vote for which author YOU would like to interview on Casey's blog. You have until next Thursday to cast your vote!

ECPA award finalists have been announced!

Word on the street is that Jerry B. Jenkins MIGHT be visiting the Alley in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more exciting details!  (Mary hopping in here--Jerry B. Jenkins just responded YES!!  April 27th.)

The 2011 RITA and Golden Heart Finalists have been announced!!

May your weekend be blessed with good writing! :-)
And may there be sunshine where you live....


Ralene said...

I'm looking at the follower mark right now--it says 300. :) Party time!

Sounds like an exciting week up ahead.

Way cool that Jerry B. Jenkins will be stopping by next month. He's a nice guy. I met him a couple years ago when he took time from visiting family to come visit our ACFW group. Talk about excited!

Casey said...

So are we Ralene!! It's going to be fun to host such wonderful authors! WOW! And YES the party starts TOMORROW! :D

Julia M. Reffner said...

Yay for 300!! I'm honored to be able to write with this fantastic crew!!

Another great week of posts, can't wait to hear what everyone's been learning.

Casey said...

It's one of those 'grab bag' weeks again Julia. :)