Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

Summertime is here in June
Warm in morning, hot by noon.
Fireflies and swimming pools
chase away the teachers' rules

Let's celebrate summer by finding out why some of the Alley Cats love the season so much!

Alley Cats, what is one of your FAVORITE summer activities?

Casey: My favorite summer activity would probably be lying in the shade with a good book…or mowing the lawn—when my mother lets me. (ongoing “fight” in our home) J

Cindy: Top summer activity? Hiking in the mountains, which sadly I won't be doing much of this summer. Or...eating watermelon :) That's pretty good, too!

Krista: I was gonna say the ice cream one… but someone already took that! OH! “Roller Coasters” … yes… I’m a screamer!

Angie: My fave summer activity is hanging out with neighbors around a fire pit, and watching the kids play ghost in the graveyard across five backyards...Gotta love the midwest!

Wendy: Boating
Sarah: As long as it involves ice cream, I'm there! :)

Julia: Taking nature walks with the fam and curling up with a good book and a glass of iced tea.

Pepper: All of the above :-) I mean, can't we just have them all? :-) (except mow the lawn - Case, what are you thinking? Now, walking in a freshly mown lawn sounds nice...but after someone else has done all the hot work ;-)

Do you guys have some favorite summer activities?

What's our weekly lineup?

Angie starts off the week with her contest-inspired post, Conquering Show vs Tell

On Tuesday Julia gets our attention with a post about shaking up your writing routine.

Wednesday get ready for another fabulous editing post with Sarah: Self-Editing Checklist - Repetition

Bring in your Thursday with another great writing post by Wendy.

Oh boy, oh boy - Cindy ends the week with a Happy Ending with her post Fairytale-Endings. Are they for you?


If you have a chance this week, check out Alley Cat, 2010 Genesis Finalist, and mom of two, Sarah Forgrave's website: (love the new pic, btw, Sarah)

There are some wonderful links for writers & readers, a cute bio page, AND a link to her fabulous blog.
Now...the real question for Sarah is:
Will potty training a three-year old son be her ultimate undoing?

Stay-tuned for more....


Joanne Sher said...

Sounds like a great week, ladies! I'll DEFINITELY be back! :)

Julia said...

Great post, Pepper! Sarah, I need to stay tuned for those potty training chronicles, that's one of our planned summer adventures :)

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Sounds like some great posts coming up. And Sarah, that new picture is beautiful!

Faith said...

Can't wait for next week!

trump said...

Sounds great, always willing to learn something new. Richard from Amish Stories.