Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Up the Street For Next Week? CONFERENCE EDITION

Tis the Season to turn up the brain meter.


Well, school is (or getting ready to) starting, for one thing.

But the second BIG reason is that it’s CONFERENCE TIME here at the Writers Alley.

Oh yes!!!

For the next few weeks, The Alley Cats are going to send helpful tips to get you  ready for the wild and wacky world of conference season. Whether it’s ACFW, Faithwriters, RWA, WriteHisAnswers, Christian Writers Guild, BRMCWC, Mount Hermon, or Writing For the Soul – we have some tips to trigger that brain power and hopefully spark up the creativity.


Monday – Pepper talks to you about the benefits of Networking.

Tuesday – Get the insiders scoop from Sherrinda with ‘behind the scenes’ interviews from conferences-gone-by ;-)

STOP THE PRESS! Guess who Mary’s invited for us on Wednesday? Chip MacGregor, Literary Agent posts about Five Reasons to Attend a Writing Conference. Don’t miss it!

Casey has a Top Ten ‘Wishlist’ for her first ACFW coming on Thursday.

And let’s keep the top ten theme going on Friday, with Krista’s post – Top Ten Ways to Find Mr. or Ms. Write at a Conference.

If that didn’t peak your interest, I don’t know what will!

There’s more to come. From one sheets to query letters to proposal writing – and there is even a post to cheer those of you who can’t make it to ACFW this year.

So grab your best notebook (computerized or paper), perk up the interest, and set your brain in gear for our series on conferences!


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

lol....My husband and I were giggling (well, I was giggling and he was rolling his eyes) while trying to get a silly picture of me looking like a reporter.

Pepper said...

It's a great pic. My hubby would be rolling his eyes too. In fact, he HAS quite often!!
Especially when I dressed up as Gandalf. or Cpt Jack Sparrow.
Those were pretty tough on him ;-)

Sarah Forgrave said...

Love the pictures! (especially Sherrinda's, *grin*) Looking forward to a fabulous week with you ladies!

Casey said...

I love those pictures!! Sherrinda, you just make me smile. :D

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Yall are soooo gonna miss me at conference. You better make sure you have your ringers turned off during the banquet...I would love to call and embarrass you with a loud ringtone going off. ;)

Casey said...

You ARE going to be missed Sherrinda! Ever so much so! And wait...I'm safe. You've only got my home number. ;-))

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Surely Pepper has your cell...muwahahahahha!!!!!

Joanne Sher said...

These look WONDERFUL. Just back from FaithWriters - and it was WOONNNNDerful! Can't wait to read all the stuff :)

Casey said...

Sherrinda, actually she doesn't! I only have a tracphone, I will give it to her once I get there. ;) She's tried to send pics to my home phone before too. LOL!

Joanne, oohhhh, sounds awesome!!!