Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?




Or of our MEMBERS has news!! But I've been restricted not to say ANYTHING.

Doesn't she know she is killing me?? I don't keep secrets well!

I tend to want to blow and yell from the rooftops what has me so excited, but then my fellow Alley Cats probably wouldn't be very happy with me. Until then I must be content with:

WE HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to know WHAT this crazy exciting news is, visit Krista's blog on MONDAY. Be there or be square!

Coming up next week:

It's a last minute post for your conference to-do list on Monday with Angie and guest blogger.

Tuesday rolls back around with Julia as your hostess.

Sarah gets back to her self-editing check list with setting and description on Wednesday

We pull from the archives on Thursday since Wendy will be getting ready and leaving for the conference.

Friday if all goes well, Pepper and Casey will be BLOGGING LIVE from the conference! If something comes up and we can't, Cindy will be helping us out. :-)

Be sure and be back on Saturday for next weekend's edition where Pep and Casey will again attempt live blogging with pictures to go along with your weekend edition!

Alley Cat News Stand...

Our own sweet Angie has won herself a one sheet contest!! Woo-hoo! We're so proud of you Angie!! You can check out Angie's fab one sheets from this post.

MARK your calendars for Krista's news on Monday, ya go that??

Check out this helpful list of industry links on Rachelle Gardner's blog post

There are several top CBA titles up for free download right now, including Julie Lessman and Jody Hedlund. Check out this list here

Be watching next week for ACFW conference pictures!!


Enid Wilson said...

Sound exciting. Will definitely check them out.

Every Savage Can Reproduce

Casey said...

You must, you must, Enid!! :D

Keli Gwyn said...

I'm looking forward to Krista's news. Sounds mighty exciting.

Good news abounds. WordServe Literary, Krista and Wendy's agency, just added a new agent. You can check it out at the WordServe Water Cooler.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Hoping to crash Casey and Pepper's live post on Friday...I may get a word in...buwhahahah
Roomies Rock at ACFW conference

Joanne Sher said...

Sounds like a fabulous week. Can't wait for Krista's news - hoping it's what I think :)

Casey said...

Keli, it's great news. ;-)

Buahahahahaha, Mary!

Joanne....:-)) BTW, your book is on the way!