Monday, October 31, 2011

Writer's Quench

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There are days and seasons when your creative juices are sucked dry. When you move a family of six to a new city and have to unpack gazillions of boxes, tend to a 7 month old, deal with school transitions, and try to fall in love with a house that might not be your dream home (okay, I am referring to myself at this moment in time). Or there are other times that aren't so drastic-- a bad night's sleep, a visit from the in-laws, a season where you just feel...parched. You might sit and look at the screen, fingers in the a-s-d-f and j-k-l-; position, and read your last sentence twenty times. You attempt to write a new one. It sounds thin and boring and elementary...and you thirst for those creative juices to pour from your finger tips...and they don't.

What do you do with thirsty sentences, writing?

Sometimes, you just shake your head, pound the backspace key, and slam your laptop as hard as you can without doing any damage. And then spiral downward in thoughts of, “I can't do this”, “I am no shouldn't be this hard”, “maybe I will just throw in the towel.” This is when you need to hit your knees, pray for guidance. Get connected with your writing friends, seek encouragement. Don't give up, just press hold until your emotions have settled and you can think straight. (A good night's sleep is always helpful)!

Other times, you sigh and decide it's that time in your life that you are suppose to be taking in the words of others. Read, read, read. I have four-ish novels that I have started reading, and I pick them up whenever I have the has slowly quenched my writing thirst...given me inspiration to tackle writing again.
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But the most rewarding of times, is when you fight through the thirst, type on, dig deeper, dig, dig, dig. Ignore the distress of those sentences you are struggling to form. Leave them in their moisture-deprived dust! Let them be, for the moment, and keep on!
Suddenly you feel that rush, that beautiful bubbling of creativity springing into your writing. You can always go back and “water” those thirsty sentences with your revived artistry. When you can stick it out and allow bad writing to sit there and move the story forward, you will discover a spring of eloquence in your waiting.

Don't get discouraged...JUST KEEP WRITING!

Do you have any tips you'd like to share to persevere through less-desirable writing times?


Jeanne Takenaka said...

Angie, what an encouraging post--and I love the pics! I am still figuring out what to do about Writer's Thirst, but I like the ideas you've shared here. Thanks for the word picture and suggestions.

Casey said...

Keep writing is so right! Very well said, Ang.

JEANNE, love the new head shot. :)

Keli Gwyn said...

Well said, Angie. When I'm feeling parched and the words aren't coming, the best way I've found to get the flow started again is to write. What comes out at first may not be worth much, but eventually I'll tap into my creativity and find the words tumbling from my fingertips once again.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Great words of encouragement! I'll keep this in mind as I start NaNoWriMo tomorrow! Love the pictures!


Beth K. Vogt said...

Ah, I love the encouragement of other writers. So refreshing.
And that's why I love to brainstorm with other writers when I'm parched. Tossing ideas around with other writers when I've got nothing is just what I need to get back in the game.

Pepper said...

Great post, Ang.
i think when we dig deeper and push through, the deeper call inside of us responds and answers.

One thing I appreciate about Mary Connealy is a quote I heard her say.
"I didn't become a writer. I AM a writer." It's part of who we are.
Whether we write now or later, stories and inspiration happen.
Thanks for the beautiful reminder

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Great post, Angie! We've all been there and I think what you wrote at the end is the best advice. Just Keep Writing! Sometimes that's the only way to break through, and who cares if you have to delete it later, it's pushing forward and that's good enough for the moment.

Mary Vee Writer said...

I so especially love this post.
Your words sooth and encourage.

When walking through the dry desert the only way to find the water is to move forward.

Sarah Forgrave said...

Such an encouraging post, Angie. Thanks for sharing these words.

Angie Dicken said...

For some reason my comment didn't show up earlier...but I am so glad you all could relate to this! It's nice to know that! I pray that each of you persevere through the droughts and come up out with masterpieces on the other side!
Lots of Love,

Veronica Scott said...

Sometimes I'll just sit and listen to music on the iPOD and that breaks the block. Or perhaps I'll go for a long drive on the freeway (not at rush hour) and again listen to music and just think. And if all else fails, I go work on a different story than the one that is temporarily at a standstill! Enjoyed the post and the photos very much!

Angie Dicken said...

Great tips, Veronica! Thanks! Angie