Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Up The Street For Next Week?

Good Saturday Morning to you!!

How is NaNoWriMo month going?

Are you fully set and prepared to vomit--er write those 50,000 words come holiday or high water? There is nothing a writer cannot conquer and if you can do this in one can write anything, at anytime.

So get a good word count in this weekend and we'll see you right back here at the blog on Monday with some great posts to keep you movited and pushing forward. :-)

Coming up...

 Pepper has guest author/ blogger Melanie Dickerson visiting on Monday. Will you continue to persevere when the writing life gets tough?

Sherrinda is your Alley hostess on Tuesday.

Alright Na-No-er's this post is for you from Mary on Wednesday: On Being Mentored: Fried Brains

Are you a long-term plotter or a short-term pantser for your writing goals? Casey has tips for both on Thursday.

Krista is all about Hooking Your Audience: "Castle Style" on your next Friday.

Sidewalk Talk...

Take a few minutes and watch this video that ACFW did during their annual conference in September. And you just might see a familiar Alley face. ;-)

This second one is another promo video ACFW did. Truly an organization that has a heart for writers of every level.

Not so random news...

Thomas Nelson publishers bought by HarperCollins

Review fiction and non fiction from Waterbrook Multnomah

Want a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card? Visit this link to Casey's blog for details.

November releases at ACFW Fiction Finder


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Oooo, I cannot wait to hear from Melanie! And I loooove seeing Pepper on video! :)

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Looks like a GREAT week coming up! As always. :) Pepper, how fun to see you and hear your voice. Now I'll be able to picture you and hear you when I see your comments. :) Great videos, Casey!

Casey said...

Good Saturday morning, gals!

JEANNE, wasn't that fun?? I love it! :D

Joanne Sher said...

Oooh - I GOTTA get to conference next year. GOTTA! (and Pepper is SO pwetty!) Next week sounds fabulous (and yeah, I'm plugging away at NaNo - gotta get back to it)

Pepper said...

You guys are so 'tweet' :-)

Oh boy was it a nervous experience, but such a fun time too.
I got to meet Ashley Clark and Allen Arnold because their interviews were before and after mine.
Very cool!

Casey said...

GO JOANNE!!!! You can SO do 50K in a month. :D

Pepper, I get it was. I should have come along for a piggy back ride. ;-)

Keli Gwyn said...

Wow! How fun to see Pepper in the video.