Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-Holiday Plan for Writers

If you're like me in the wake of Christmas, you've passed along more presents than you can count, eaten more cookies than you can count, and gained more pounds than you even want to know.

Not to mention most of us set aside our writing (or at least scaled back) during this season so we could enjoy time with friends and family.
But as the holidays come to a close, it's time to re-motivate and refocus. I know, I know. It's just as painful for me as it is for you. (Anyone getting flashbacks to childhood lectures from Mom and Dad?)

Here are a few tips to help us battle the post-holiday blahs.

1) Write down a plan. Evaluate your schedule and make realistic goals based on the time you have. Don't try to be Super-Writer here. Look at your pre-holiday schedule and pattern your new one after it, with a little extra challenge thrown in for good measure.

2) Look at your goals and pick one to work on first. Alley pal Keli Gwyn had an awesome post about the concept of going singular when you work toward your goals. To read her wise words, go here.

3) Keep yourself healthy. Y'know those extra pounds I talked about at the beginning? They're going to weigh you down, both physically and mentally. And that means you'll be less effective in working toward your writing goals.

I plan to do a cleanse and detox at the beginning of the new year to rid myself of all the junk I've consumed over the holidays. You don't have to go that extreme, though. Just getting up and exercising a little bit every day will clear your brain of the post-Christmas cobwebs. Grab an apple instead of a Snickers, and you'll be another step closer to working at your best.

4) Enlist support. Accountability isn't a new concept, but how many of us actually do this? Whether it's enlisting support in our health goals or in our writing goals, we're much more likely to succeed if we know someone is breathing down our, checking in on us...once a week, or whatever timeline we choose.

So who's with me on this? Anyone care to share your goals for 2012? What's your post-holiday plan?

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Sarah Forgrave is a stay-at-home writer-mom who feels blessed to pursue her calling and passion. She writes contemporary romance for the inspirational market and is a regular contributor to the webzine Ungrind.

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Jessica R. Patch said...

Great tips. What do you use to do your cleansing? Just curious. I plan to go singular as well. Not one plan, but one word inspired by Beth Vogt.

Does a snicker covered apple count? LOL

Joanne Sher said...

These ARE great tips. I've got my goals (writing-wise, anyway) up on my blog today :)

Naomi Rawlings said...

Yep, I'm in agreement about the tips today being good. I'd actually like to scale back on my writing a bit. I feel like I pressed myself way to hard with my last novel, and I want time to enjoy life again.

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Great tips, Sarah. I have a couple of big goals in mind, but reading this post made me realize that I should make smaller goals as well. Thanks for your suggestions!

My big goals are to complete my wip by the end of January, and have it as "finished" polished as I can by the end of May. I hope to enter the Frasier, as well, with a new story.

Sarah Forgrave said...

Jessica - In the past I've used a cleanse program through Advocare. But this time around, I think I'm going to make my own cleanse diet and see how it goes. If you check in on my personal blog, I'll probably share more there. :)

Joanne - Sounds like goals are top of mind for both of us today. I wish you a very productive 2012! :)

Naomi - I completely understand where you're at! I've been there too and found the same thing...that my goals needed to include balancing the rest of my life with writing better. I pray your 2012 is full of loving life. :)

Jeanne - Sounds like you're on the right track! Having those deadlines makes such a big difference, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

These are great goals! I have decided I need to schedule writing time, so that is what I'm doing. I hope get one book written, edited and ready October. Annnnd, I am starting Weight Watchers...again. Sigh....:)

Sarah Forgrave said...

Sherrinda - Sounds like you've got big goals planned for next year! But they're totally do-able too. The perfect combo. :)