Friday, December 30, 2011

Websites for Writers

It may not look it to some outsiders, but writing is hard work! It also takes a lot of focus. I don't know about you, but sometimes I need a little break between long spells of writing. Sometimes that's getting up and walking around but other times that's distracting myself with the Internet in some kind of creative way. That could mean e-mails or blogs, or other websites that are geared more toward writing but still give me that break I need. Here are some I've come across that you might enjoy.

is pretty popular and not only fun for a writer but helpful, too. You copy any amount of text into their text box and it will mix all the words, making a word cloud with colorful words from your text, all twisted and turned in different directions. It's helpful, too, because the words that are used the most will appear the biggest and ones that are used a lot will appear on there as well. That way we writers can see what we use most and help avoid repetition.

Name Generators

Sometimes I need a little help in coming up with a unique name or a suitable name for a secondary character. If you ever get blocked, here are two sites to visit that will help with names. The first, Be a Better Writer, has some great everyday and popular names, like Becky Stone or Carlton Donnovan. The second, Language is a Virus, has more unusual names you could use for fantasy or if you just like unusual names such as Tayten or Ady. You can also find pet names.

Writing Prompts

For those times we get writer's block or want to free write or use a prompt to get the creative juices flowing again, here are a few sites I've found. Oneword is very basic. It gives you a one word prompt, and you write what you can in sixty seconds. Simple, easy, and quick. Creative Writing Prompts gives you real life scenarios or beginning lines, and you can create a story or free write from there.

Random Writing Fun

Protagonize is one I haven't tried but heard about. You can connect with other writers here, and also develop stories or join in on continuing a story some else already started. Language is a Virus, mentioned above, also has writing prompts, exercises and games, character generators, and even something for poets. It's an unusual one, but there's some fun stuff there, too.

I love a good distraction and at least these make me feel like I'm still sticking to writing in some way. Have you ever tried any of these sites or found any interesting ones of your own. Oh, and if you're up for a challenge, paste your entire WIP in Wordle (you don't have to publish it to the site if you don't want, so it's still safe) and share some of the more unusual words in your word cloud. Mine are Bigfoot, Aspen, and Whimsy.


Cindy is a Colorado native, living near the mountains with her husband and three beautiful daughters. She writes contemporary Christian romance, seeking to enrich lives with her stories of faith, love, and a touch of humor.

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Joanne Sher said...

LOVE wordle. Haven't used it in a while, but it's LOADs of fun! The others sound Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love Wordle and used it on my first novel, only to find that I talk about EYES a lot! lol

I'm heading over to the sites you recommended for name generators. Yay! A new toy to play with!

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Yes, I LOVE Wordle! Eyes are a big one for me, too, Sherrinda! Name generators are so funny! I could totally distract myself from my WIP for awhile on that :)

Jeanne Takenaka said...

So glad you shared these, Cindy! I've never heard of them! :) I look forward to trying some of those, especially Wordle.

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Yes, Jeanne! You should definitely try Wordle. It's easy to use, too. Have a great weekend!