Saturday, December 31, 2011

What's Up the Street For Next Week- NEW YEAR'S Edition


How are you celebrating the coming of a new year?
What is one of your writing resolutions?
What is one of your personal resolutions?
How are you going to bring Jesus into your New Year? :-)

Starting a New Year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year and I'll HAVE to say that one of the highlights of this year was getting to meet some of my fellow Alley Cats at ACFW in September. WHAT. A. BLESSING!!!

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the fabulous Seekers from Seekerville as well as some of our fabulous Alley Friends.

So what do the Cats have up for you this week?

Monday - Pepper takes a recap from her Sizzling First Encounters series to ring in the New Year. She'll provide some 'first encounters' examples from published authors that will get the new year started off with a BANG!

Tuesday - Sherrinda jumpstarts our creative flow with a 'What if' Day.

Wednesday - Cool post by Mary this week entitled the Privelaged Class - Misconceptions of famous published authors.

Thursday - Casey gets us ready for the new contest year with The Low Down on Contests, Should I? Shouldn't I?

Friday - Our soon-to-be-published Krista Phillips brings a fabulous post this week (assuming she survived her edits from last week ;-)


Genesis 2012 opens this week! To learn more about it go here -
And stay tuned for next Monday, Jan 9 when Angie invites 2011 Genesis finalist Naomi Rawlings to give some helpful tips about entering the Genesis.

Casey starts Operation: Encourage and Author this week. Stop in a check
Now from all of us to you - Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
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Susan Anne Mason said...

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for posting the picture of me and Pepper - it was great to meet her and all the other wonderful people at the conference. I so hope to go again this year!

Wishing you all every wonderful blessing for 2012!


Joanne Sher said...

Looks like a GRREEAATTT week! Can't wait :) Happy New Year, Alley Cats!

Casey said...


I have the best friends in the whole world on this little blog and I'm SO thankful I got to meet some of them.

Let's all be there next year!!

Great WE Pep. :D