Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Genesis Deadline!

Casey with 2011 Romantic Suspense
Genesis Winner, Renee Ann Smith, now
agented by Joe Kneedler of
Alive Communications
The deadline for the ACFW Genesis contest was yesterday! You are either relieved your entry is sent and done and there is nothing you can do about it or groaning that you weren't able to get that last period in place before midnight.

Let us know so we can CHEER for you if you entered! And if you didn't, there are several other contests you might want to look into in the Sidewalk Talk section.

Next week...

Polishing makes perfect! Angie has tips to do just that on Monday.

Julia reminds us to bring back the fun in our writing on Tuesday.

We're told to make our characters unique, but what about our setting? Join the discussion with Sarah on Wednesday.

Ashley talks on social networking on Thursday, am I networking or just obnoxious?

Cindy tells us what she has learned about writing from her book club of diverse readers on Friday.

Sidewalk Talk: Contest edition

The My Book Therapy Frasier contest is still open and will be until March 31st. Plenty of time to keep polishing!

Novel Rocket is hosting their third annual unpubbed-writing contest. This page has all the details

Seekerville started their SPEEDBO contest (think NaNoWriMo). Visit their site for all the facts.


Jeanne T said...

Looks like a good week in The Writer's Alley next week! I stepped out and entered the Genesis. Then I went to MBT's Deep Thinker's writer's retreat and found all sorts of ways my story could have been better. Oh well. :) I'm excited that I entered for the first time. :) Have a great weekend!

Casey said...

Isn't that the way it always happens, Jeanne? I don't let myself look at my entries after I send them, for fear I'll find a bunch of mistakes I'd have loved to fix.

YAY! for sending!!!!