Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's Up the Street For Next Week?

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What a lovely word. And as writers, we know how much words mean to us. ;-)

I hope that the seasons have promised lovely new images of God's amazing creation and the beauty that comes after the cold and gray of winter.

Are the daffodils poking up in your yard?

They are in mine...underneath all the snow on the first day of spring. ;-)

Coming next week...

The Alley is excited to welcome guests posters, authors in their own right with knowledge to share with us about Love Inspired lines, their novels and the writing journey from the road ahead of us.

Monday will be fabulously funny lady Ruth Logan Herne and Tuesday we will welcome debut author Jessica Nelson to the party. :-))

Mary shares on the gift of writing here on the blog Wednesday.

Writing that first line is so important to your story. We'll read and break down those first sentences in successful books with Casey on Thursday.

Friday will be Krista's day to post on accepting and finding those first endorsements....and find out who was the first endorsement for her debut novel!

You still have a week to enter The Frasier contest! 
I just sent my entry in yesterday...have you sent in yours yet?

Enjoy Spring wherever you are! :-))


Joanne Sher said...

Oh, this ALL sounds good! ALL of it! Can't wait!

Jeanne T said...

Looking forward to this week on the Alley. :) Casey, I'm wishing your post was earlier. My first line is (I think) the final thing I need to complete for my Frasier entry. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Casey said...

AND I just got the big news that Jessica will be giving away her DEBUT BOOK, so you won't want to miss that. :)

Jeanne...if you haven't entered by Thursday, you'll still have until Saturday to work on it. ;) We'll be breaking down those first lines and talking about what makes them work. :)