Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's Up the Street Next Week?

Okay - Vacation anyone?
What are your plans.
Stop by today and give us the 'scoop'. Either share your favorite vacation EVER or tell us your plans for this summer.

Now what's going on this week?

Monday - Ang puts on her fantastic teacher-hat and takes us on a look inside her WIP. Come learn from her helpful tips.

Tuesday - Tuck and run if you need to ;-) Julia brings a post on the G-word...GRAMMAR!

Wednesday - Join Karen as she writes about creating emotional resonance in the final scenes.

Thursday -Ashley 'gets real' with a post about The Importance of Honesty and Vulnerability in Writing 

Friday - It's never too early to get ready for conference, and Cindy provides some great tips today.


Susan Francino said...

Last summer I went to England, which was AWESOME. (I also met my blog partner Tyer-Rose on that trip!) And the summer before I went to Italy and this summer's family trip to visit my grandma in Philly seems a little uneventful in comparison. But I'm okay with it. :) I love going to my grandma's house and it will be much less stressful. (And give me more time to write. There's always that. :P)

My latest post: Summer Blog-Epic, Part II

Rebecca Gomez said...

We went up to Minnesota's north shore last week. It was so beautiful and peaceful that I didn't want to come home!

Pepper said...

Wow, Susan - you've had some fantastic journies!

I loved England. BEST VACATION EVER!!! And I can't wait to go back with my best friend.

Pepper said...

There's nothing like the ocean or the mountains to give a sense of peace. Lovely thought, Rebecca.

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

My best vacations have always been to Colorado. I love the mountains and the cool weather.

And Pep, don't you mean "tuck and roll"??? made me smile! The image of tuck and running is priceless!

Casey said...

My vacation this year is ACFW!!!! :D

Jeanne T said...

Love the pic, Pepper. :) One of my favorite vacations was to the St. Lawrence River in Canada with my honey. As much as I enjoy taking vacays to visit family, it was nice to be just the two of us (back before the kiddos came along) relaxing and watching the sun sparkle the river.

Also, I loved visiting Istanbul--had a few adventures there.

This summer, we're taking a road trip to visit friends and places--Montana, Black Hills, Kansas City. Should be fun.

Julia M. Reffner said...

That's my vacation, too, Casey :) YAY!! My favorite summer vacation spot is Colonial Williamsburg on the 4th of July.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Haven't been anywhere in a while but this year we are doing a road trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, where I used to go as a kid. Should be fun to see the beach and the boardwalk again!

School just finished on Friday for my son so now it feels like summer!


Anonymous said...

I switched teaching jobs eleven years ago to a year-round school situation. It didn't bother me so much until this summer. My neighbor is a teacher and her car's in her driveway when I leave for work and I'm thinking, ugh! It's gonna be a long, hot summer here in Texas.

Lindsay Harrel said...

In one week, I'll be on a Caribbean cruise!! Can't wait.

And yay, Julia! I won't run. I love grammar!