Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TOP 10 Things To Do When You Can't Go To Conference

What? You can't go to the 2012 ACFW Writing Conferences this year? Well, I have just one thing to say...


No worries...just chill out and pick out one of my Top 10 Things To Do When You Can't Go To A Conference. Let's shorten that up to T4DWYCGTAC, why don't we? I wasn't sure what to write about, but everyone seemed to be writing about conferences, so I thought I'd join in the fun.

The countdown begins:

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10. Stock the pantry with chocolate bon bons and the freezer with ice cream, and pig out for the duration of the conference. (Warning: Not Waistline Friendly!)

9. Have a slumber party and read your favorite romance scenes aloud to each other. Bring out the chocolate for a night of fun!

8. Read a book a day, preferably romance, where you can escape into sigh-inducing scenes and smile at happy endings.

7. Make up flyers announcing your future bestseller and post them in all the coffee shops and libraries in your area. Make sure to put a cute head shot of yourself. They say it's never to early to market yourself.

6. Subscribe to Netflix and have a sappy movie marathon day...or two...or three. Cry and laugh your heart out. You might want to have your bon bons close at hand.

5. Text your friends at the conference every 30 minutes, telling them how your word count has grown...and how theirs has not.

4. Send out 54 queries to random agents. You can pick any number to send out, but I prefer randomness. Who knows? You might hit the jackpot.

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3. Go to Disneyland and devise a murder mystery involving Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and the Big Bad Wolf. (Yes, I know the Big Bad Wolf is NOT a Disney character, thank you very much.)

2. Spend an hour in Barnes and Noble. Take one page from 300 books in the store and string them together for a Mad Lib Novel.

1. Watch the weather channel and drive to the nearest rainstorm. Let your hair down and dance a jig in the rain, screaming at the top of your lungs how much fun you are having instead of meeting famous authors.

There you have it, my TOP 10 fun things to do while I won't be at conference this year. I am sad to not be going, but am excited to get to stop by and HUG all the Alley Cats who are coming to town! Can't wait!

So those of you not going to any conferences this year, how do you intend to chase the blues away?

*This post was originally posted May 25, 2010

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 Sherrinda Ketchersid

Sherrinda is wife to "Pastor John" and mother to three giant sons and one gorgeous daughter. A born and bred Texan, she writes historical romance filled with fun, faith, and forever love.


Beth K. Vogt said...

You said it without saying it: Have a sense of humor. Embrace life -- or better yet, enlarge your embrace of life while others are at the conference! And remember, you never know where you might find that next story.

Love this post!

Jeanne T said...

Fun post, Sherrinda! I'll miss meeting you this year. I hope your time is good and that God will encourage you. This is my first ACFW. Last year, I found myself praying for those I knew who were there.

Fr. David Bryant said...

HI Sherrinda,

I think they should have a live stream of most of the classes so we could 'tune in' from home. I think they do this with the Award ceremony (must check this out!)

I love the chocolate suggestion and the netflix one too!

I'm just going to concentrate on next year and my intention to be there then!


Susan Anne Mason said...

OOPS! Bet that confused everyone! That's my work account where I'm attempting to create church Facebook page! LOL.


Sarah Forgrave said...

I love your outlook and your humor, Sherrinda. (And I hope you hunt me down for a hug too!) :)

Heather Day Gilbert said...

I love this and I'm definitely tweeting it!

I've been in the doldrums since I can't go meet many of my online friends this year...but I think I want to throw caution to the wind and pig out on chocolate. Okay, maybe I won't do that one. One thing that keeps me rolling along is just messaging my writing peeps and keeping in touch. Also, realizing that not ALL my peeps will be at the conf. this year.

Thanks for the funny perspective on things!

Joanne Sher said...

Considering doing at least A BIT of the at-home conference that Karin Beery is doing. I'll also have a soccer game, our school's luau, and other things of that nature.

Trying NOT to be jealous. It's SO hard, though!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Beth, you gotta have humor if you are going to make through life, right?

Jeanne, I will try not to be jealous of you!!! I live 15 min. away from the hotel, so I am hoping to haunt it after hours! :)

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Sue!!!! They can stream the classes too? I knew about the awards ceremony, but not the classes. I will have to check it out.:)

Sarah...you are definitely on my list to get a hug from, girl!!!!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Heather, we should have an online slumber party and commiserate. :) Hopefully we can go next year and HUG! :)

Joanne, it's definitely hard to not be jealous, but it sounds like you are going to be keeping yourself busy. Good for you!

Julia said...

I hope you do haunt us, Sherrinda!! We need some BWAHAHAs!! Love your sense of humor!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Julia, you better bet your britches I'm gonna haunt ya!


Gabrielle Meyer said...

You better come haunt us after hours! I can't be that close and not meet you in person and give you a hug! Thank you for the smiles today. I especially loved #5. :)

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Gabrieele...Hee-Hee-Hee...#5 is a bit snarky, but oh-so-funny!

Oooo, I would love to find you after hours! What day are you arriving?