Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just Do It

I used to be the queen of "I'll try."

When my hubby and I were dating, I used the term once, and he promptly corrected me. "Don't try, Krista. Just do it."

At first, I was highly irritated at the man. He's super super lucky that I didn't kick him to the curb at the time:-) (Doesn't he know that he was dating me and lecturing is NOT a fantastic way to woo a woman? Just saying...)

Anyway, I mulled it over and decided he was super right.

I used "I'll try" as an excuse just in case I failed. It was my out, my "I did my best and that's all that matters" that would make me feel better about falling flat on my face.

But... when I used it, I tended to fall on my face much faster and get up much slower.

Over the years, I've grasped the whole Nike slogan with more gusto.

Do I still fall flat on my face?

You bet.

But, instead of shrugging my shoulders and saying, "Well, I tried my best", I now brush off the dirt, crack my knuckles, and get to be business of "just doing it" one more time.

The writing life is kinda like that.

If you "try" to write.... something will always conveniently come up and get in the way.
If you "try" to take a whirl at this whole publishing thing... odds are that it'll get kinda hard, you'll get a few rejection letters (or the dreaded no response) and shrug your shoulders with a sad, "Oh well, I tried."

If God is truly calling you to write... then just do it.

NO excuses.
NO "I'll try"s.
NO buts.

Just. Do. It.

Will you get rejected? Odds are, yes.
Will you get writer's block? If you don't, then I'm thoroughly jealous.
Will you want to quit? Most likely on average once a week or more.

But the persistant and obedient will be victorious. Those who keep there eyes on JESUS and follow HIS commands will win the race God has set out for them.

Discussion: Are you an "I'll try"er? What are some other fun slogans that can be applied to the writing life?


Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Love it, Krista. Challenging and true.

Embrace said...

Don't know any good slogans off the top of my head but loved this post. I have been struggling with exactly this for awhile. I have been trying to set my goals for 2013 and I keep trimming them - all in the purpose of "being realistic" after all. But you have shone the light straight in my eyes ... I repent. I am an "I'll try-er". I will become a "do-er". Thanks!

Jeanne T said...

I think our husbands must be cut from the same cloth. My guy called me on that whole, "I'll try..." thing when we were dating too. But he was right. I had to remove that phrase from my vocabulary, and I don't let my kids get away with it either. :) I'm not sure about other slogans, but the "try" thing resonated, obviously. ;)

Angie Dicken said...

Oh, Krista! How many times have I wanted to quit? How many times have I been rejected? Oy, all you Alley Cats know!But one phrase (not really a slogan, but could be easily), is something I hear over and over again at ACFW: Writing is not for the faint at heart!
No matter where you are in the process...unagented, agented, published...multi-published, it seems that you can't view writing as the easy street...ever! You just have to DO IT! And, my husband also pushed me to not just settle or "try" this writing thing, but to "do it" full on, get myself connected to other writers and make it happen! Amen for our men!!Ha!

Unknown said...

Definitely true, thank you for posting this.

Diane Rinella said...

My biggest fear is being someone who wants to yet never does. That would make me like most people I know.

Sad but true.

Mary Vee Writer said...

What an encouraging post.
The buck girl and do it kind.
Love it :)

Krista Phillips said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Here's to just DOING what GOd wants us to do today, no excuses permitted!

Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Very true! But sometimes kinda hard to do. )

Anonymous said...

I'm a 3 year writers blocker but I'm coming out of it. :)

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Awesome post, Krista! Very inspiring! I needed this today. :)