Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

What good book did you read this week? As writers, we should always be doing plenty of reading. Share your recommendations in the comment section and be sure and check out all the great news that the Alley has to share this weekend!!

Angie  is all about editing your scene. at. a. time. So take it in slices on Monday.

What are you doing to make your antagonist believable? By Julia on Tuesday.

What is your personality type and how does it affect your writing? Take the journey with Karen on Wednesday.

Take the role of community to the next level in your writing and embrace it!! With Ashley on Thursday.

It's Amy's FIRST post, so be sure and give her a great welcome on Friday, okay? She's got it coming in'll have to come back on Friday to find out what I mean. ;-)

Word on the street...

The Writer's Alley now has a Facebook FAN page! Check it out and be sure and "like" us. :-))

Friend of the Alley MINDY OBENHAUS has SOLD  to Love Inspired and is now agented by Tamela Hancock Murray! All in the same day! Tell her congrats on Facebook!

The winner of Ethel Herr's is Nancy Kimball! Nancy, be sure and check your inbox, there is an email waiting there for you from me. ;-)

Have a great weekend everyone and we'll see you right back here on Monday!


Jeanne T said...

Very fun today, Casey. I recently finished, Kristen Heitzmann's "The Edge of Recall." A good romantic suspense with many layers. I liked it. I just began reading Les Mis on my Kindle. It's going to take a long time. I've been reading for three days and I'm only at the 3% mark. :)

What are you reading?

Casey said...

Really Jeanne? I think I'll just stick with listening to the drama or watching the movie. ;-)

I'm reading Camy Tang's A Dangerous Stage

Julia M. Reffner said...


Good for you, quite a daunting task. I want to reread, too. And I'll be discussing one of my favorite villains Tuesday ;).

I'm reading Hurt by Travis Thrasher. Great suspense, never seen an author end chapters mid-sentence...but wow, it was effective to keep me turning the pages.

Mary Vee said...

I love the book I'm reading and would give it ten thumbs up if I had that many. I am reading Bride of Honor by Ruth Axtell Morren.