Thursday, February 28, 2013

Divine Inspiration

I'm sitting at Starbucks... supposed to be using a brief amount of kidless time I have to get some massive word-count down.

But every word I write, it's like this massive struggle. I've done all the things I've always told people to try when experiencing writers block.

I've set it aside for a time.

I've gone back and read what I've written to try and re-attain my inspiration.

I've kept writing, even if it was crap. (and believe me, IT WAS!)

I've tried a twist in plot, although I haven't killed anyone. I don't really write suspense, so it might be frowned upon... but I'm keeping it in my back pocket.

So, I'm sitting here, trying to figure out that one little magic key that I need to "unstick" me.

And it hits me.

A little whisper in my heart that hits me with the force of a load of bricks being dumped on me.


I've been writing this book for Jesus, but somewhere along the way, I got this crazy notion in my head that it was my job to make this book good. That it was all ME who write well and all ME who should come up with fantastic plot twists and tantilizing dialogue and intriguing characters.


But Jesus says... it's not all about us.

EVERYTHING we do should be for HIS glory. And if it is going to be for His glory, seems to me he'd want a part in it, ah?

So... I took a break to write this blog. To remind myself that my purpose is not JUST to entertain people, although I want to do that too. But in the end, I want my book to be an offering of love to my Savior, to bring him honor and glory, and to bring others closer to His throne.

I'm not saying that it's time to whip out the Bible and start preaching. (although I probably DO need to whip out my bible and start READING more.)

But.... just like I dedicated my life to Jesus so many years ago, I'm dedicating my writing, my words, to Jesus.

What he does with my gift is up to Him.

But I'm changing my focus. I'm praying for words. I'm praying for wisdom. I'm praying for HIS glory.

Discussion: What is the inspiration of YOUR books? Is it, maybe, perhaps, time for a re-dedication?


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

Such true words, Krista! I love your heart, your ministry, and your work! God definitely is using you for His glory.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Most definitely, Krista.

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

You hit the heart of it here today, Krista. It's easy to get wrapped up in the plot, the romance, for me-the suspense, but when it all boils down I want my book to tell of grace, and hope, and a love unlike any other. :) great reminder!

Krista Phillips said...

Thanks you guys! What's fun is that since I really cool ideas for my book have hit me out of nowhere at times, no doubt very much from God. I'm getting excited to write and after I wrote this blog, words flowed MUCH better.

It's amazing how much perspective plays a part.

and genre. Maybe I need to move over to romantic suspense so I CAN kill people...

Jessica L. Brooks (coffeelvnmom) said...

That's the awesomeness that is Jesus... Him taking everything on Himself so we can rest in His finished work! It's so obvious when our Heavenly Father puts ideas in our heads/on our hearts that it's from Him, but look at how quickly we can start to try to go from there by the work of our own hands!!! (Such is the enemy's device... he uses fear/unbelief of the fact that God Himself will work everything through us to pull our eyes off Him and make us look at our own capabilities!) His wisdom is the perfect answer to that... because as you know, He will point you to things you never could have even imagined! Rest in Him and His love and let your weaknesses be where He makes you strongest! :)

Be blessed,


Anonymous said...

Krista, thanks for the reminder. As I prepare to plot my next book, I need to remember it's not about me but about being used to point others to Jesus. Thanks for sharing a bit of your struggle and revelation today. :)

Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

A re-dedication... yes, and Amen. Love this reminder, and I'm taking it to heart. Thanks, Krista.