Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Did you have the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day this week? Remember, Valentines come in all different shapes, sizes, and moments....
(The above picture and the next two are of three of my former students. Lori and her hubby just celebrated their first Valentine's Day as husband and wife; And Nathan and his wife just celebrated the birth of their first child, Anna Grace, born yesterday; Ashley and her beau are pictured third with a scene of the Blue Ridge Mtns behind them)
In honor of those who have loved, do love, or love to dream of a Valentine, this is for you.

V – Voice – the one human who can speak words into your heart like no one else can

A - Adaptable– ability to graciously accept what he cannot change and fervently strive to change what he can, while forgiving and accepting forgiveness.
L-       Laughter- The gift to discover humor in the small things, hope in the big things, and certainty that joy comes in the morning.

E- Embrace – sharing a tender or passionate physical expression of an affectionate internal emotion

N – Nuture – the beauty of having someone believe in you more than you believe in yourself

T – Tough – A faithful heart in trial, constant thought in disbelief, and iron will to persevere for your honor

My oldest and youngest
I – Intelligent - Celebrating, enjoying, and exceling in his unique gifts and finding a way to share those talents through a career, a calling, or in service

N- Notice - His awareness of your specific uniqueness, even in the least things, and the ability to observe what makes you special,

E – Everlasting – An amazing opportunity to provide heavenly love in an earthly way from one breath to another.

Amy Simpson's sweet boys
Valentines can take all different shapes, sizes, and relationships. We're celebrating a few right here.

What's coming up the Street next week?

Monday - Get ready as Angie talks about two different writing styles. Which one are you?

Tuesday - Let's go to the Movies with Julia as she talks about Character Dreams and Goals

Karen's hubby and sweet daughter
Wednesday - Karen talks about Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone

Thursday - Join Ashley as she digs a little deeper to discover Fossils in Your Story

Friday - Don't go Overboard! Amy is going to write about Overwriting and Overdirecting.

Tell us about the Valentines in your life :0)

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