Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

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When you think SPRING, what is the first flower you think of?

I think tulips, because the hearty little things are always the first flowers to freeze their little heads off when they poke above the ground. The bulbs are older than my parent's marriage, but they keep producing flowers, a testament to the hardiness of nature and all God has instilled in these little plants.

Think of that as a writer. Are you hardy? Are you willing to poke your head out of the safe and warm and comfortable even if it means you might get a bit of frost on the tips of your nose and ears?

Sometimes taking a chance is worth it. Bloom and let those around you enjoy the beauty of new color!

What's coming up next week?

Angie is all about backstory and doing it right on Monday.

Do you view your writing as an offering? Julia mulls the thought over on Tuesday.

Karen brings her talent for words and teaching to the blog on Wednesday.

Ashley is giving you a pantser guide to plotting on Thursday.

And Amy is your blog hostess for Friday, be sure and stop by for more ideas on making your fiction writing shine!

Let's hope for continued beauty and the hope of spring headed your way soon!


Jeanne T said...

Casey, I love tulips! When I was a girl, the first flowers that always braved the cold were the crocuses. I loved seeing their leaves and then blooms poking through, sometimes even through a dusting of snow. :)

Sounds like a great week over here! I'm looking forward to it!

Casey said...

There is something so special about seeing those flowers spring forth. Gives me hope that warmer weather WILL come! :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Lovely pic, Casey.
Those poor tulips will have to work extra hard in these snowy states.
So excited about another wonderful week of posts here on the Alley.