Saturday, March 9, 2013

What's Up The Street for Next Week?

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No matter if you are an ebook person only, all books were birthed in the tried and true beautiful hardcover/paper book bindings. The physical pages given the story an experience all it's own no screen ever could fully accomplish.

I remember when I was younger, I had a weekly date with the local library. Every week going home with stacks and stacks of books to read over the coming week.

When was the last time you visit the library? Do you go for research, pleasure or just to be surrounded by all those books?

Coming up next week...

Pepper digs herself out of all those edits she's been compiling long enough to share her third and final Austen Heroes series - featuring the brooding and bold, Reformed Rogue and the AntiHero.

Sherrinda continues her "I AM" series. Did you catch the first one posted Tuesday before last?

Mary talks about achieving the right balance when too little is boring and too little is choppy on Wednesday.

Our up and coming author, Krista is posting on Thursday.

Casey is all about fast drafting edits on Friday. And it comes from experience right too! ;-)

What are your writing/reading goals this weekend? May it be a restful one!


Angela said...

I love hanging out at the library surrounded by books. I feel inspired to write just being there. The plan is to complete the first draft of my WIP.

Have a great weekend!

Casey said...

Excellent Angela!! Best of success to you as you finish that first draft!

Julia M. Reffner said...

LOVE the library, although I must admit my tendency is to take out a big stack and by the end of the three weeks I usually have ONE of the books read. Love going with my kiddos though. They have great programs at our library system, too. Library work was such fun. Sigh.