Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Successful Writers Need a Gathering Time

Successful writers need a time to gather and refresh their thoughts.

A time to share their book ideas and listen to other's suggestions.

A time to worship, to praise the God who has given the gift of writing, and to ask His blessings.

A time to breathe the fresh air.

A time to laugh

I suppose the entire post could be filled with this list. 

The point is we all have made so many friends through the Internet. We haven't heard their voices, but we've seen their pics and read their words. 

We're not sure if these treasured friends are tall, short, cackle or snort when they laugh, wear high heals and fashion wear or prefer the grunge look. Do we really know what makes them laugh, cry, smile?

And who could tell if this person might have the perfect idea to fill in a gap of your story until you discover all the above?

The Internet has brought men and women in contact with each other from around the world, yet we sometimes walk on eggshells as we pen an email for fear the tone is misunderstood.

What would happen if you discovered another writer, with similar interests lived in reasonable range to your home? Imagine how this friendship could spark something in your writing.

I've mentioned in a past post the amazing friendship between C.S. Lewis and J.R. R.Tolkien. They met nearly every night in a pub in the UK to crit each other's manuscripts. If you've read both of their works have you found the similarities? They both use a horn, they both used the same name of a city: Lewis for his giants and Tolkien for his rock city. They also sharpened each other's words.

Organizations like ACFW have formed local chapters. In Montana mini groups within those chapters meet weekly at coffee houses to brainstorm and crit.

So....the Writers Alley gals, affectionately called Alley Cats, decided to use this same idea to push our writing and friendships to a deeper level. 

Our common goal is to take another step forward on the writing journey, to deepen our relationship with Christ, to hold each other up as life rains and shines, to minister to others on the journey, and to share our stories with a world in need.

This coming Friday, the Alley Cats will gather at Angie's. Three via Skype. The time will be too short. The minutes precious. The memories strengthening, as  gathering time should be.

Is there a way you could meet with someone or a small group? Spend a portion or a whole day with them? Ask around. There is a bulletin board at my local coffee shop and one at my library. Notes are attached for meetings, concerts, etc. Perhaps you could find someone there. Bring an agenda, notepad, scenes from your manuscript, camera, and chocolate and prepare to become a successful writer. 

Go ahead. Give it a whirl. You just might like it:)

photos above courtesy of Renee Smith

This blog post is by Mary Vee

Mary has moved to Michigan with her husband, closer to her three college kids. She misses the mountains of Montana, but loves seeing family more often. She writes contemporary and romance Christian fiction with a focus on the homeless population and loves to pen missionary and Bible adventure stories on her ministry blog, God Loves Kids.

Visit Mary at her website and her ministry blog to families: God Loves Kids. Or chat on Facebook or Twitter


Debra E. Marvin said...

What a super opportunity...and to get together with only three of you having to do it the skype way is amazing!

We talk about this over at the Inkwell. You are all very blessed to have this time together!

have a blast. I guess you can sleep when you get home, right?
(and I'm looking forward to photos!)

Mary Vee Writer said...

There is no way we are going to sleep (I'm packing shaving cream for the weak) :) Hah!

Angie Dicken said...

Love this!!! I am so excited! Running around like a mad woman trying to get's going to be so much fun!
Sleep is NOT on the agenda!!!! Hehe!

Lindsay Harrel said...

I hope you all have a great time! Take lots of pictures. :)

I'm looking forward to the end of June, when I'm headed to Minnesota for a small writing retreat with my critique partner and 2 other writer friends. It's going to be a blast!

Unknown said...

Ahh, you ladies are going to be just across town from me!!! I should totally crash your retreat. Alas, I will be with family. But if I wasn't, I might seriously have to show up and pretend to be an Alleycat. :)

Krista Phillips said...

AAHHH!!!!!! I can NOT wait! TWO MORE DAYS!!!!

Melissa, you'd be totally welcome to crash our party too!!!!! :-)

Mary Vee Writer said...

for sure, Melissa.

Mary Vee Writer said...

You poor thing, hosting a group of wild women in need of chocolate.

Mary Vee Writer said...

A lot of pictures is about a few million less than what we will probably take. Times like these REQUIRE lots of memory photos.

So glad you get to head up to Minnesota, again. I remember your fun comments from the last time. :)

Susan Anne Mason said...

So jealous! Guess I'll have to wait until September.

Have a FABULOUS time!


Angie Dicken said...

Oh Melissa!!! Slip away and come on over! It will be the first time we'll see eachother in our own state!!!! Haha!
And Mary, I've got loads of all better eat it! I cannot imagine the crazy children I will have if there are leftovers...and trust me, no matter where I hide it, they will sniff it out!!!!