Friday, May 24, 2013

Tips to Treasure with Jody Hedlund

Well, after gushing about the hero in Jody Hedlund's newest release, A Noble Groom, I thought it might be worthwhile to ask her some hero questions. Without a doubt, Jody's most recent historical romance goes on my keeper shelf for repeat-reading-purposes.

Let's see what Jody has to say about heroes.

Who has been one of your favorite heroes to read?
Recently, one of my favorite heroes was Bo from Becky Wade's Undeniably Yours. Not only was Bo a strong, handsome, Texan cowboy, but he's sweet, considerate, and protective of Meg (the heroine). More than that, I really liked his integrity, his desire to do the right thing even though that meant he had to sacrifice his personal desires.
Sacrifice keeps coming up at a hero trait! Hmm, there's a reason why we call rescue workers 'heroes'. They are willing to make sacrifices. The ultimate hero is willing to sacrifice (Jesus is our ultimate example)
Who has been your favorite hero to write?
I think that I fall in love with each of my heroes every time that I write a book! But I'd have to say that one of my all time favorites has been Carl from A Noble Groom.
I'd DEFINITELY agree with you here, Jody!
And WHY was he your favorite to write?
I love heroes who are slightly humorous (or at least can laugh at themselves). And even though I was continually throwing Carl into difficult situations, he was the kind of hero who didn't take things too seriously. He could bumble through learning how to work on the farm, make mistakes, and still keep smiling.
I also love heroes who are tender with children–that makes them even more heroic in my mind. And Carl stood out from the other men in his culture in that he wasn't too manly to hold a baby or give pony-rides to toddlers.
Finally, I love heroes who are self-sacrificial. Carl was willing to give up his own plans to teach in order to stay and help Annalisa. He was even willing to give up all of his money to help pay off the loan on her farm. And in the end, he was still thinking about her when he bought her a new crock and filled it with his invention money.
Oh my! YES! You just listed my top THREE hero qualities.
1. Self-sacrificial
2. Tender/Gentle
3. Funny
No wonder I liked Carl so much! :-)
So AlleyPals, lets hear from you. Have you made the hero in your WIP self- sacrificing? What is something he sacrifices? How does this influence your story? (You guys go ahead and discuss this while I continue to stare at the cover of Jody's book)


Julia M. Reffner said...

My favorite characteristics of a hero are also self-sacrificing, humorous, kind and smart. Stuff my hubby has in spades, if I do say so myself.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Good morning! Three amazing traits in a hero. No wonder we all loved Carl. LOL.

Another thing I loved about him was how he defied the men in the community who treated women like they were property and had no say in any decision. I loved the way he always considered Annalisa's thoughts and feelings!

Thanks for sharing, Jody!


Pepper said...

Oh Julia,
How SWEET!!!!

Pepper said...

Definitely a TRUE protector, wasn't he, Susan.
Oh man, he is SOOOOOO swoon-worthy

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Great qualities in a hero! I love writing a man who can soften the heroine with humor. It's one of the many ways my current hero sacrifices for the woman he loves, giving her what she needs even at the expense of his dignity. Can't wait to read Jody's noble Carl! Especially after Pepper's rave reviews!!!

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Okay, now I'm really challenged to re-write my first hero. He's none of these in the beginning of the story because he's trying so hard to keep his secret. Hmmm, I definitely need to think more about him on my next pass through the story. :)

Loved this post!