Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's Up the Street Next Week - Retreat Edition

There are times in life when words are not enough.

When our hearts are so filled with wonder and amazement, our brains haven’t the capacity of forming the experience into human sounds and meaning.

It’s beyond our mortal abilities to grasp the vastness of it – so we sit back or kneel down in complete awe and marvel at God’s great goodness. It's one way the Spirit intercedes for us - when words are not enough, He takes those feelings and spills them out into prayer and praise to the Father in a

language He understands.

From the heart.

Another thing? God loves relationships! The Father, Son, and Spirit are in continual relationship. And the first 'not good' of the Bible is when Adam is alone - so God made Eve.
When God builds the relationships it's not just good - it's VERY GOOD!

And we gals at The Alley say - 'It's AMAZING!!!!"

Last weekend, 7 of our 10 AlleyCats had opportunity to spend time with each other at Angie’s house. 2 other AlleyCats were able to join us via Skype (praise God for cybermiracles).  Several things glowed from this meeting-of-the-minds.

1.       Seeing each other was a natural extension of our deep friendship. There was no awkwardness.

2.       God has forged this bond between us in a way that is fairly mind-boggling.

3.       We all REALLY like each other, but more than that we trust in each other’s unconditional positive regard. It’s a great example of how Believers ought to be with each other. Authentic, transparent, and founded in a beautifully divine love.

4.       God blessed our weekend by deepening bonds, rerouting tragedies and beginning new relationships.

5.       We like to talk – and eat – and talk some more.

6.       We have some great visual changes in store for the Alley

7.       We love bringing God’s truth to light through story.

So as we embark on what God has in store for The Writers Alley in the coming months and years – we want to give a hearty and ecstatic shout of pure joy and gratitude. He is the author of this blog in the inspiration of each of these crazy Cats – and we are a proud group of thankful heroines in His story!!!

We hope that you will benefit from The Alley and continue to glean from our tips, trials, and treasures along the writing journey,
because the road to a story is paved with possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pepper,
What a beautiful example for us all. You are blessed with a very special bond that shines like a beacon of love for one another in true friendship. May God use this to bless those around you. I believe that all of you will touch many lives with God's grace!

Debbie Stehlick

Joanne Sher said...

Can't WAIT to see what's next. I have no doubt you had an amazing time. Staying tuned :D

Amy Leigh Simpson said...

Reading this makes my heart burstingly full! Couldn't have said it better! So amazed and blessed by God's gift of the Alley Cats! Love you guys!!!

Casey said...

This post is spoken with SUCH beauty for who we really are. Like Ames, my heart bursts with the joy of loving you all!

Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Precious words! So thankful to be part of the Alley!