Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

If you could choose any setting you could live where would it be?

Pepper, I know this would be your first choice. ;-)

Ah, now this is the place I want to spend my days...where the sky meets the ground.

But to touch the sky in such a building! How many of you have been inside a sky scraper? On my bucket list...

A castle sure would be nice...every girl has a dream to be treated like a princess. ;-)

As we head into the weekend and celebrate another day alive in His grace, consider what a privilege it is to realize we are headed for the ultimate setting..Heaven. And it's so much grander than we could ever think anything on this temporary earth could be.

What's up next week?

Pepper blogs on Sock baskets, slush piles and the "write" match on Monday.

Sherrinda is your blog hostess on Tuesday!

Successful writers risk stepping forward. Join the journey with Mary on Wednesday.

Alley pubb'd author Krista takes us into the publication journey part two on Thursday.

Got a favorite book? Bring it Friday. Casey is breaking down why we love the books we do. 

We have WINNERS!!

The winner of the $10 Amazon Giftcard from the 28-Day Challenge is Jeanne Takenaka!
Please include your email addy in the comments, and Karen will be in touch with your prize. :-) 

Jill Weatherholt is the winner of Becky Wade's novel from Ashley's Alley Cat challenge on Thursday. 

Have a great weekend all!

See you "write" back here on Monday! :-)


Debra E. Marvin said...

My life has been crazier than usual in May but I so enjoyed your posts and what you shared of your get-together.

Have a happy and successful JUNE, ladies!

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Loved last week's posts, and this week's sound just as good. ;) I'm looking forward to them.

I won? Really?! Well, thank you so much, Karen and all you rockin' Alley Cats! You are a blessing!

Jeanne T said...

Oops, I got so excited, I forgot my email. :)
wetalk2biz(at)q(lower case Q) dot com

Jill Weatherholt said...

Looks like a great week ahead! As I mentioned in my comment, I already have a copy of Becky's book, so I'd rather it go to someone who doesn't. Thanks, Karen!
jilian2011(at)Hotmail(dot com)

Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Congratulations, Jeanne! I've sent an email to your address. Could you let me know if it goes through? Thanks for playing - so thrilled for you! - Karen

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I've been to the top of the Empire State Building. Years ago, I worked in another skyscraper. The novelty wears off when you have to figure elevator wait time into your schedule.

Ashley Clark said...

Thanks, Jill! I don't know how I missed that! :) Thanks for playing our Alley Cat trivia fun.

oil paintings said...

congrats! so good to heard about these!!