Saturday, July 6, 2013

What's Up the Street Next Week?

Lights! Matches! Fireworks!

They're always amazing to watch, aren't they? Bright. Sudden! A remarkable display.

Ever had that happen in your books? Ever read it in a book?

Romance? Adventure? Suspense?

Share one of your favorite novels that 'blew you away'!

So, what's shining this week on The Alley?

Monday - What is Your Kryptowrite? Pepper attempts to chat about strengthening little weaknesses to make your writing super!

Tuesday- Sherrinda's up with another great post for you!

Wednesday - Mary continues her fantastic series with Successful Writers Have Discernment

Thursday - If anybody knows The Value of an Hour, it's Krista! Come join her today as she shares with you.

Friday - Stop by for a surprise post from Casey about editing.

Have a fabulous weekend - from our Alley to Yours...

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