Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's Up the Street Next Week?

Whether you're a fan or not, Hallmark sales stories.

Lots of stories.
From historical to contemporary - most with gobs of sappy romance (for those of us who get all gooey inside from it)

Most people can think of at least ONE Hallmark they like.
Some of us can think of a whole lot more.

What about you?

The Magic of Ordinary Days is one of my favorites. So is Sarah, Plain and Tall.

or maybe your a contemporary fan like fantastic sweeties such as Accidentally in Love, Smooch, or The Lost Valentine?

What about the Love Comes Softly series...

Are you fan?

There are so many I like to watch as a commercial break in life I can't even list them all.

But Hallmark definitely has a product, a viewer-ship, and a story-mold that works for them.

Okay, so what 'stories' does The Alley have for you this week?

It's a week of surprises!

Stop by and find out what we have for you!



~cjoy said...

Oh yay - I won! I have been swamped and just now had the thought to check on this. How did I KNOW to check? No idea. :)
What do I need to do...?

Casey said...

Did you get the email I sent you? If not you can email me at: :)