Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Tomorrow, while you're reading this post, I'll be "racing above the clouds" in the beautiful Steens Mountain for the annual 10k they hold.

And if you think of it, say a prayer for me since the race happens to be six miles...uphill.

Doesn't that seem to be the way the writing journey can go?

We race. And plod. And push through the pain because we know at the top is a spectacular view.

The awesome thing is, there is beauty all along the trail. We just have to pick our head up from the dirt and gravel and look out over the valleys and peaks and formations that completely steal our breath away.

I'll pick up on the same note on Friday (if I happen to survive this test of epic proportions. ;-), but while we wait for me to catch my breath, check out what the rest of the Alley Cats will be posting next week...

Pepper continues her "In the World, Not Of It" part 2 on Monday, how
your writing for the glory of Christ's kingdom?

Sherrinda plans to give you a great devotional for your Tuesday, Relentless Love...definitely something not to miss.

Learn to discipline your writing (something I definitely need to learn!!) from Mary on Wednesday.

Krista will be your hostess on Thursday.

And watch for more gorgeous pictures from the Steens Mountains in Eastern Oregon during Casey's post on Friday.

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