Saturday, October 19, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

This week on the Alley included all kinds of super star guests! Did you catch Deb Raney and Gabrielle Meyer's blog posts? There is still time to check them out and be sure and enter to win The Red Siren from Gabrielle's post yesterday.

While you're reading this post I'm high in the air on my way from Boise, Idaho to Denver Colorado to spend the week with a dear friend and honorary Alley Cat, Beth Vogt! Look for the weekend edition next week to include all kinds of pictures of our travels around Colorado Springs. I've heard it just might be the prettiest place on earth. ;-)

And if you live in the CO Springs area, I want to meet you!! Or at least tell me that you live there, we might bump into each other in the grocery story. Ya never know. ;-)

In between the travels and the adventures, the Alley has got a week of blog posts for you.

Angie will be posting on writing and the fruits of the spirit on Monday.

Tuesday, Julia will be posting. Did you know she works for Library Journal? Be looking for her reviews and articles! She'll be finishing her series on character and personalities.

Our resident aussie Karen will be posting on Wednesday. 

Ashley will be sharing her usual wealth of advice here on the blog on Thursday.

She's kills characters in her novels, but her smile and sweetness pretty much takes all the fear out of the relationship. ;-) Amy is your hostess on Friday.

See you next week! On the OTHER side of the Rocky Mountains. :-))

Have a great weekend!


Susan Francino said...

Sounds like a great week lies ahead!

Jeanne Takenaka said...

Sounds like a GREAT week, and I can hardly wait to see you TOMORROW!!!! :)