Saturday, October 26, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Colorado Springs definitely impressed me!

From The Melting Pot to Garden of the Gods to Glen Eyrie to The Broadmoor. It was filled with yellows and greens and reds and golds that blew me away against the amazing backdrop of Pike's Peak.

What's up the street for next week?

Pepper will be chatting on nine traits of a memorable character. Chock full of great information, so be sure and stop by on Monday.

Come by on Tuesday where Sherrinda will be posting as your hostess.

Wednesday is all about the True and Honest Confessions of a Seat of the Pants Writer brought to you by Mary.

Have you heard of the New Adult genre? It's brand new out there and generating a lot of discussion. Publishers are picking up on you know about it yet? Krista will be chatting about this new genre on Thursday.

Mindy Obenhaus is guest posting on Friday...have you read her debut novel? A super sweet story!

See you on Monday!


Angie Dicken said...

Casey! I love the Melting Pot...we would go to one place like it, called The Mona Lisa, I think! So fun! Glad you enjoyed your trip there!

Casey said...

It was sooo good and definitely a kind of restaurant I had never experienced before. This trip was what I needed in so many ways! :)