Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chocolate Cafe Chat with Laura Frantz

It's appropriate that Laura Frantz be our guest at the Chocolate Cafe because reading her historical romances is like tasting some of the best dark chocolate and the flavor lingering on your tastebuds for a while. Seriously. There is a sweetness, beauty, and depth to her novels to leave the reader longing for more.
And I'm so glad she's stopped by today. We're having Hot Chocolate Caramel Swirl and Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls as we chat. Come join us

Good morning, Laura.

Thank you for always thinking of me – I’d feel kind of out in left field without you! TWA is doing so very well and it’s because you all have such innovative ideas Smile.
We are always glad to have you. Could you tell us about one of your most memorable characters and why he/she was memorable for the hero/heroine?

Here’s my pic of Silas when Eden first saw him, before he asked her to go to town and get him a razor early in Love’s Reckoning, lol. Men in that era did not sport facial hair usually so he’s kind of scruffy-looking and needs to clean up. However, I think he looks heavenly scruffy!
The actor is Tom Mison from FOX’s Sleepy Hollow.

He was memorable for the heroine because Silas was the only man who had ever stood up to her father, the irascible, surly, demanding Liege Lee. But what really sealed the romantic deal was his wooing her with scripture in all sorts of places – her loom, her boot, her bucket, etc. She fell fast and hard and forever. THE END. Red heart I would sure love for you to add what made YOU fall in love with him in the post!! That would be an added bonus for readers, for sure. Glad you like the photo. Personally I wish Eden had told him there’d be no razor-getting as he was just too handsome with the beard, lol...

And those little wooings certainly made me fall in love with him, but especially because he was 'tender'. He saw in her something special.

That's the beautiful part of writing romances. The hero 'sees' something in her heroine (or visa versa) that no one else seems to see - and he/she loves them for it.

Thank you for sharing Silas and Eden with us through Love's Reckoning. It was a breathtaking journey.


Susan Anne Mason said...

Love's Reckoning was one of my favorites!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hugs to Sue above:) Thanks so much for this post and your wonderful Saturday specials here!! TWA is one of my favorite spots on the web - a true keeper!