Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

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The NEW YEAR is right around the corner!

Where in the world has this year gone?! I know the majority of us are certainly scratching our heads asking that same puzzling question.

But a new year is indeed upon us!

What are your new year plans? Staying up until the dong of midnight or sleeping in and partying on the actual 1st?

I'm more in the camp of the latter.

We'll be ringing in the new year here with you on the Alley, so bring the sparkling cider and your favorite new year's dish and games and let's get this party started!!

Coming next week...

Angie will be your host on Monday.

Tuesday, Julia shares about the "one words" of the Alley Cats and incorporating your one word into the
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new year. There will be an Amazon gift card giveaway too!

Share New Year's Day with Karen--the Aussie gal who lives in the future and has already seen the start of a new year. :)

Thursday, Ashley will be starting our new year of posts right chatting with us about vision and goals.

Friday is Amy's turn! Be sure and stop by for her post.

Wanna know something fun??

The Alley Cats will be hosting the 6am EST party hour at Seekerville on New Year's Eve. 
There will be giveaways and excitement. Conversation and energy thriving amongst the visitors.
NOT something to be missed!! (unless of course you live on the west coast like me and sleeping at 3am, but then set your alarm! ;-)
We're hosting from 6-7am so don't miss the fun!!

Happy New Year!!

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Ryoma Sakamoto.Japan said...

Christmas holiday! !
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