Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

Happy Valentine's Day!
(two days late!)

The flowers a dear patient at the clinic where I worked, gave me
Did your sweetheart shower you with love and affection?

Did you take the time to show love to a friend or family member on that special day?

The week of appreciating our friends--you!--isn't over, so check out what's coming up next week...

Next week on the Alley...

Pepper will be sharing on Michael Hauge's characteristic's of a successful novelist bright and early on your Monday!

Sherrinda will be chatting about her characterization...something that a writer can always improve upon. Stop by Tuesday.

Contest season is upon us in full force! Have you checked out the Genesis, Frasier and Carol contests? Mary has advice on why you should enter contests on Wednesday.

My writing STINKS! Overcoming your self doubt with Krista on Thursday.

Ever feel like you're playing social media monopoly? Casey has tips on Friday for managing it all.

How did someone show love to you this last week?

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Mary Vee Writer said...

My hubby took me on a delightful snow tour. We saw lighthouses on Lake Michigan and walked on the frozen lake (80% of Lake Michigan is frozen at this time. Very unusual) We went out for dinner and stayed in a nice hotel.