Saturday, April 19, 2014

What's Up the Street for Next Week?

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Our Lord and Savior, the Author and Perfecter of our faith is RISEN!

As we go into this weekend, signing the songs of praise during this heart wrenching and glorious time, may we never lose sight of the fact that yes, we are novelists, we do create. But may we always remember that He is the ultimate Author and everything important penned started on that cross for you and me.

What's up the street here at the Alley for next week?

Angie shares about the story of ultimate foreshadowing and the lessons we can learn from it on Monday.

Tuesday, Julia will be continuing her creativity series and give us plenty of story prompt ideas.

What do you blog about when you're a fiction writer? Karen has ideas on Wednesday.

Ashley (recently contracted for a SECOND Guideposts novella!!) is your hostess on Thursday!

Rita-nominated author Carla Laureano is our guest to close out our week on Friday. Make sure you don't miss her post!

Have a wonderful, worshipful weekend!

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